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  1. This is pretty cool. I was an air traffic controller in the military before I got accepted into flight school. Another dynamic I think matters is where you live. I think it’s easier for me to separate myself from the negative IUBB talk when we lose because I don’t live in Indiana. I also support CAM and don’t think a coaching change will do us any good at this point.
  2. Hey Mile Another lurker here that is bored from this quarantine and decided to finally post! I’ve been following since Jeremy hollowell committed and I saw his quote in the paper (something like, “at Indiana, I felt there was something special”). I googled his name during study hall and found JCBasketball telling everyone Gary Harris was coming to IU. Been following you guys ever since. I am currently in the army and stationed in southern Alabama. I wear my Indiana colors all the time and people get it confused with Alabama crimson and tide! I check this site everyday and love feeling connected even though I’m so far away! Hope we get a season this year. Stay safe!
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