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  1. I think losing Chambers is a big deal, although if you look at the reasons he "resigned" they seem Mike Rice at Rutgers-level bad. Just can't do that type of stuff today...or ever, really. The issue with losing Chambers is it will probably cost Penn State the recruiting in-roads they made in Philadelphia. Prior to Chambers, Penn State would get C to C- level recruits from random spots all around the country. Early with Chambers we got those same C to C- level recruits but all from Philly...which helped us build some equity down the road where we eventually got the occasional B to B+ recruits f
  2. Indiana Defense Scouting Report Indiana Offense Scouting Report Penn State fan here. Wanted to get your takes on these scouting reports on your O and D from a PSU site. They love your QB and CB. I admit Penix does look impressive in the MSU game they scouted. Is your o-line as big an issue as they suggest in the article though? Seems like you have a lot of these guys back from last year, so I would just assume they'd be better, right? Anyway, one more day to go. Win or lose, just glad to have the games back.
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