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  1. You mentioned this game a few weeks ago and I checked it out (thanks!). It was so strange without the 3 pt line, but what I found interesting was that so many shots were taken from about 15 ft in and that if you were out close to the modern 3 pts distance you were hardly even guarded most of time. A player could take wide open 20ft jumpers all day. Very interesting feel to those games. They didn't hunt for the first open shot but the best shot. Anyway, thanks for guiding me to that game. My first memory of watching IU was the 81 champ game, so I don't think I had ever seen the Maryland ga
  2. Funny! I watched this game with my 17 year old daughter earlier today...her first time. She loved it. When IU went ahead for the first time with about a minute left (spoiler alert!), I looked over at her and said, "it ain't over yet." One of her comments was how she noticed the difference in style of play. They shot 3s but she really felt that both teams hunted more for inside points...taking the 3 when open and mostly obvious situations. I was proud of her observations. I hate having to tell my kids that yes, IU used to be a basketball powerhouse. We also watched the 93 B1G game w
  3. I can't stop watching this. I love the reaction from #2. "oh come on now!"
  4. I hope he gets to the Hall for a game sooner than later.
  5. Didn't mean to be "that guy"...I knew what you meant.
  6. There is actually two highlights were he does go left. I would guess he's been working on that. To stop him going right, you almost have to foul him.
  7. Link to Romeo highlights playing with Maine Red Claws (love that)
  8. Yes, I was going to say, he was pretty stick skinny when I saw him play.
  9. Thanks again. Great stuff. I have seen Thompson play in person (high school) and was impressed by his game. Very steady demeanor. Reminded me a bit of Phinisee in that regard.
  10. Thanks for your info. Do you know if Newman was aware of this possibility when being recruited?
  11. Very sad! Noblesville HS has lost two women's basketball legends this month. Krissi Davis was the other who died at age 51. Davis went on to be a standout player at Notre Dame. This hits very close to home since my daughter is currently on the Nville team.
  12. Does anyone know who Nick Baumgart is? All of a sudden there are several tweets about IU and I've never heard of him before. Just curious.
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