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  1. INDenizen

    UofL post game

    They literally gutted this one out.
  2. INDenizen

    Louisville Game Thread

    If we could hit FTs, we would run away from teams like this.
  3. INDenizen

    Louisville Game Thread

    Archie is PO'd...just like the rest of us watching our FT shooting.
  4. INDenizen

    Louisville Game Thread

    Offensive foul
  5. INDenizen

    Louisville Game Thread

    I hate to say it too early, but Smith having a much better game today. Good for him. Not perfect, but better.
  6. INDenizen

    Louisville Game Thread

    and again....
  7. INDenizen

    Louisville Game Thread

    Lville just seems more mature and ready for a street fight.
  8. INDenizen


    My daughter has a teammate who has not played a game this year due to a concussion that occurred right before season started. She has missed about 9-10 games and I haven't even seen her at games (loud space), nor has she been at practices. Concussions can effect people differently. If you don't give it time to clear, the time to recovery just expands. My daughter had a season-ending concussion last year and her symptoms/issues continued way longer than we ever expected....probably didn't clear for about 4-5 weeks. There is no doubt in my mind that football players push coming back to the field way too fast.
  9. INDenizen

    Penn St. Post game

    My ears are still bleeding from the ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ...the entire game.
  10. INDenizen

    Penn State Game Thread

    Like 0708 said, lets bury these guys.
  11. INDenizen

    Penn State Game Thread

    How do you land on someone going for a loose ball and it not be a foul? Morgan doesn't lose possession if he isn't slammed upon.
  12. INDenizen

    Penn State Game Thread

    So Phin.
  13. INDenizen

    Ethan Morton (2020)

  14. INDenizen

    Northwestern Game Thread

    Hey good to see Jerome walking out on the court clapping after the finish.