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  1. We've all had our "moments" with this team. So good one minute. So frustrating the next. Especially when we've all seen that they have the ability and talent to play with anyone.
  2. Thanks Coach. I was also going to include that Tom would be ready to curb stomp you at anytime, but left that out. 👍 I would love to have someone with Tom's personality on this team to lead others at times when the guys have been punched in the mouth (see long losing streak).
  3. So how does a kid like Luke compare to Tom Coverdale. TC might be a slight bit taller/bigger perhaps, but was also not known for his athletic prowess compared to other high D1 athletes. TC could mentally compete at a high level and shoot the ball with good consistency.
  4. I also heard him say that with an IU win tonight, he will be working the Thurs. night game at IU as well. Why is it that networks like for commentators to have past relationships with college games they work?
  5. Good post. I always say there is a big difference between excuses and reasons. No one on this year's team made any excuses (one of the things I respect about Archie), but there were certainly several reasons for how things ended up.
  6. The great thing about twitter is that if you don't pay attention to it, you can totally forget it exists. Too many people are addicted to it and social media in general. No matter what you are passionate about in life...sports, hobbies, politics, religion...there will someone on Twitter ready to knock the chair out from under you and your opinion. And usually in way they couldn't if you were standing face to face. I do have a twitter account, but only use it to pull in the info I'm wanting to keep track of. These parents of high profile youth need to step away from it as that meat grinder is going to continue to grind.
  7. I'm also thinking that once the shock and awe of college bball gets out of Demezi's head, he will become a good defender and a very good, confident shooter. I can see him being a major weapon as a jr/sr.
  8. They have a whopping 9 pages going over there.
  9. I believe Carmel has an enrollment around 5200. Bonkers! A good reason why everyone hates to compete against them.
  10. Agreed. The timing is pretty bad for him to do that. It shows his friendship, but I would think the priority has to be on a state title run at the moment.
  11. Archie seemed to have his game face on even for the senior night stuff. I can't decide if I would've liked for him to have a bit more sentimentality towards things or still be laser-focused on the upcoming task. He's certainly the latter. I gathered from his post-game comments that he is not going to prepare his team to try and win one or two games in the BTT, but to win it all.
  12. I think you've found your life's calling. You are a beast with all this "who needs to win" info. Thanks so much! There is no way I could figure all of this out. Only on HSN, right?
  13. Illinois has some very quick guards who can pressure and Rob just made them look silly. His change of pace and he's got some of the best feet. And when he goes he is blazing fast. Love him! On defense, he can get around screens and recover so quickly. Just in awe tonight of what we have in him going forward. Not sure what buttons Archie has pushed, but this team is just totally different. The confidence they played with on the road tonight was shocking compared to what we've witnessed the past several weeks. Great job on everyone's part. Even you guys with the puns....maybe those were the buttons pushed...hmmm.
  14. Welcome to HSN. There is no reason to go back over there. Cut the cord. Someone around here usually has the goods as soon or sooner than anyone else. Plus this is just a friendlier bunch of folks. There are some slap fights now and then but it usually stays under control.
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