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  1. Does anyone know who Nick Baumgart is? All of a sudden there are several tweets about IU and I've never heard of him before. Just curious.
  2. I don't mind it if Dakich wants to play the neutral media guy in regards to IU, but to bad mouth Archie and the program at every turn is over the top and is no longer neutral in my book. It's reverse homerism or something like that. I so hope that Archie gets IU really rolling and doesn't give DD the time of day when DD changes his tune and wants to turn into his good buddy.
  3. Are the Euro percentages in metric?😄
  4. Please reconsider Billingsley. I very much enjoyed what you brought to this board and liked your insight and info you shared.. Maybe if a few people can run you off, the rest of us can pull you back in. You said so many great things about this forum, but you are a part of why it is great.
  5. Have to click on the twitter post to see the entire graphic. IU is at the bottom of the stack.
  6. In an interview he said that he attended OSU. Not sure if he is a grad.
  7. It became known (forget now exactly how) that Crean was never recruiting him. smh
  8. I do like that he is a coach's son. One who has won a state title in Indiana (not easy). Those kids always seem to be ahead of others in the bball IQ department. I always take highlight reels with a grain of salt because I do not know what competition he is playing against.
  9. I actually favor the Assembly Hall floor center court background over some shoes in round cubbies.
  10. I'm glad you didn't grab him by the throat for calling you "dude". 😎
  11. Looks like Thad Matta in IU gear. 😄
  12. One the main takeaways from that article is that these teams started their current team build 3-4 years ago and are just now reaping the benefits. They recruited the right guys for their system, added key pieces from jc or transfers along the way to fill in some gaps.
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