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  1. How many tickets did we get for the allotment, just curious
  2. Guessing it’s probably going to be a shootout game?
  3. Our Center is visiting Southern Illinois for their game day. I’m sure he will recognize some former teammates of his
  4. Some 7’2 kid committed to VT after Clowney’s visit. I’m sure that will rise some eyebrows on the Clowney front.
  5. At least it wasn’t the “We want Dawson” chant at that one bar, that was so awkward...
  6. It is usually the bald guy that makes me mad a lot, the other shorter guy is somewhat decent.
  7. SIAC Tiers (so far) Tier 1, Jasper and Memorial- 2 dominant teams so far in the SIAC with Jasper 5-0, the Foley and Weinzapfel combo is amazing and improved Memorial squad from their loss to Jasper Tier 2, Castle- Been improving greatly since their OT loss to Mater Dei, great defense and lots of playmakers with an accurate QB in Tilly(committed to Auburn for Baseball) Tier 3, Mater Dei, Castle edges them a little.- Back to back loses have risen up in the Wildcats. As the offense has been questionable and playoff aspirations dangling Tier 4, North, Reitz, Central- Middle of the pack teams so far, Central rises after beating Reitz in a shootout Tier 5, Bosse, VL, Harrison- Same old story
  8. The North at Mater Dei game is going to be intriguing to watch. There has been a lot of concerns about Mater Dei the last 2 games regarding their Offensive capabilities As it seems people are not the fans of the recent play calling. North is on fire right now winning 3 straight games, with lots of weapons on the offense and improved defense. Problem is for North is that their QB was out last week and could be out this upcoming game. Can’t wait to see how RB Hankins do against 2x all state DT Ralph for Mater Dei. Or the Wide receiver battles for dominance
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