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  1. Penix is expected to be able to play this fall season
  2. He will be making $4.9 million pear year through 2027
  3. Some Indiana D2 news: USI is tournament bound with the 3 seed in the region
  4. That’s what I predict, they will fire him after the BTT
  5. Someone said to anticipate for tomorrow, but I doubt it. In my opinion, something has definitely gone down, or it’s being talked about
  6. Chris007 on Btown hasn’t updated anything in the last 3 hours...not sure if that’s good or bad
  7. Since I haven’t seen anything about the BOT meeting yet, I’m guessing it was either nothing or it’s being kept secret
  8. I believe he said a lot of things right including Tom Crean getting fired and then Archie Miller getting hired, other than that, I have no idea
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