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  1. SIAC Top 4 1. Mater Dei 2. Memorial 3. Jasper 4. Reitz seems like Castle/Reitz keeps on switching places lately. But it also sounds like Castle is going to have an inexperienced QB behind a somewhat inexperienced OL too
  2. Don’t let this distract you but…. IU IS GOING TO THE ROSE BOWL IN 2024
  3. With UCLA leaving the PAC12, Big10 soccer just got a whole better
  4. Top 4 SIAC is about to be shaken up, due to Castle’s starter QB officially retiring from football and focusing on his baseball career
  5. Less than 2 months until those Friday Night Lights…
  6. Apparently his MSU Crystal Balls have been taken down
  7. I’m logging off for the week, time to enjoy some Siesta Key weather 😎
  8. So many unfortunate deaths man...a Boonville player also unfortunately passed away 2 days ago
  9. SIAC Top 6 early preseason power rankings 1. Mater Dei (Week 4 against Memorial is a must watch, definitely will be live-streamed) 2. Memorial (First 4 weeks will be tough with Jasper, North and MD. RB position is still a question mark) 3. Jasper (Jasper has made their case being a top SIAC team, also, the reigning champs want to continue their dominance) 4. Castle (QB has reportedly left the team, and replacing some important roles in the trenches, but Castle’s D will be one of the best in the SIAC) 5. Reitz (Reitz barely jumps North, as their offense is slowly forming with a reported new QB addition) 6. North (Tough schedule to start up the season against Castle, Memorial and Reitz. But lots of optimism on the Offense with their weapons)
  10. Broncos have been sold to Rob Walton for $4.5 Billion
  11. My Tigers are off to the Regional Championship, likely to face Silver Creek
  12. Only 11 more Friday’s to go until opening kickoff across the state 🤷‍♂️
  13. Yea..That is what I thought, hopefully they end up selling actual jerseys
  14. Pretty much, they will be selling IU jerseys with player’s name on the back or any other type of personalized apparel
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