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  1. Bills had it in the bag, but the Patrick Price only needed 10 seconds
  2. Positive note, we only managed to have 8 turnovers
  3. Need to win this game at least, hopefully we dominate, but it will probably be an single digit game like what Scott said
  4. Win these next 2 and I will be happy
  5. We won’t be in the top 25 for a while
  6. PSU we better beat them, MD, let’s see how that one goes
  7. After this loss, there is going to be a whole lot of questions. But also, Michigan is the more desperate and talented team right now making a statement
  8. Michigan still owns us and I am about to just turn on Football. Embarrassing all around....
  9. Desperate teams will always want it more...
  10. 8-19 on layups does not lead to success
  11. I was unfortunately right about the Caleb Houstan shooting 4/5 on 3s
  12. Yikes, so much for Houstan struggling at the 3 in away games
  13. Terrible half, but we needed that 17-8 run badly
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