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  1. Welp, that is the wrap for our freshmen boys. Went 7-1(L to North)this season after beating Castle 38-0. On to a tough game tomorrow, in which I’m not really too comfortable about.
  2. Oh yes my bad! I’m not too sure where he stands, but if he lands an offer or a PWO, I will see what I can find.
  3. JR? But either way, I don’t mind a little trash taking once in a while. Although need to have my pride humble, as dominance does not last forever!
  4. The other private school in Evansville that dominates soccer a lot 🤷‍♂️.
  5. Is that St Xavier? If so, I’m not surprised, they’ve got tons of donors EDIT: Nvm, it is, they are always a powerhouse in their sports
  6. Yes, I worry about it too, but Castle should be a little bit more worried since their running attack has slowed down against the better teams in the SIAC. Only had -14 rushing yards against Jasper. And they have been forced to pass more too, although they have been good at it. Such an intriguing matchup as they play us tough every single year and usually down to the last wire.
  7. Sounds like us against Castle, playing on grass for the first time and it’s supposed to rain like crazy
  8. Evansville Memorial’s RG Edward Hartig has scheduled a visit to IU on Saturday with our senior RT too
  9. John Harrell released his sectional picks, and apparently we are the favorite to win S24, although I give the edge to Jasper to win it.
  10. We will be seeing you there soon, with the way our enrollment is
  11. Yea, this one is over, embarrassing for the Colts
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