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  1. Going for 2 is understandable with Blankenship’s problem right now
  2. I’m not too sure who coaches our middle school teams, except 2 assistant coaches are former players in their 20s. But I’ve been hearing tons of great stuff coming from MS/Cub teams and some other factors (players rejoining the team next year). Pretty sure our 7/8th teams have a combined 45-50 players. We should be good for the next 4-6 years, as long as we have Hurley to lead us. Speaking of 8th grade, their starting RB(I think) is the nephew of the Associate Head Coach of Kansas State’s MBB. And of course, Combs 3.0
  3. Our 7/8th grade teams are pretty good too. Pretty sure out 8th grade is heavy with 3-6 lineman and some athletes. Also the other Combs Brother will making his debut too next season. 7th grade is a little smaller, but has a strong mentality amongst each other.
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