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  1. If it was at Michigan, I wouldn't argue if Michigan was an 4 point favorite
  2. Even Michigan fans are questioning why they are the favorites
  3. Maybe it was the Citrus Bowl I saw, but I am still not arguing
  4. Also, I saw we were up against Arkansas too in the Outback Bowl
  5. @KDB What Michigan Forum are you looking at?
  6. Here’s what Jon say’s https://twitter.com/skrajisnik3/status/1322983867054280705?s=21
  7. Hopefully we will win, but our history with Michigan will haunt us in this game in my opinion. Jim is fighting for his job at this point as many Michigan Fans claim
  8. I was about to say, they are not confident at all, only a handful
  9. Someone made a point that Michigan is an slight favorite since we haven’t beaten them in forever. Looking at the game from a different stand point, it appears to be another toss up
  10. Will most likely fluctuate throughout the week
  11. Good Top 25 matchup, who would of thought it would be like this
  12. Included us in his top 5 along with OSU, PU, UGA, and Alabama
  13. Moving 6 spots is a big deal, let’s see how AP goes
  14. I honestly feel a little eerie about this game with Michigan, they will be hungry after an embarrassing loss to MSU, especially being an 24 point favorite
  15. Some said they want to lose, so he can get fired too. Pretty strange world in Michigan right now
  16. I’ve been reading Michigan fans, they are either not confident or want Harbaugh fired
  17. Who really knows, hell, BC almost knocked off Clemson
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