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  1. Judging by DE James Head recent IG post, he’s baaaaackkkk!
  2. Sounds like our 8th grade team from what I heard, their RB is a speedster. Our JV team isn’t really good, think they are like 3-3, but our freshman are supposedly fantastic behind Fisher
  3. Speaking of Silver Creek, what does their football field look like, since Memorial is playing soccer there for the regional
  4. Did not know that the Trey Scheon was HC Scott Scheon’s son
  5. Can someone please merge this thread to the another HS one, thanks!
  6. Still can’t post anything, but I can only view the threads
  7. Just saw the news that the IHSAA added a running clock to the game after a 35 point lead
  8. David Ellis has been ruled out for the rest of the season, had surgery on his ankle
  9. It’s a rebuilding year for us, but we return a majority of our scorers from the team. Vieth is literally Saban, as he just wins and wins. It wasn’t our year unfortunately, but Castle (18-1) is just a whole different level with the Mitchell kid. And they are definitely state bound for a rematch with Chesterton. With us (11-6-2), we started the season 7-0-1, even beating #2 team in the nation, and then proceeded to get demolished by North at home. After that we blew a 1-0 lead against Castle with 5 minutes left in the game. And lost more games after that. Got lots of work in the off-season, but we should be fine. Probably need to relook at our backline, although we lost a senior leader due to injury. Memorial and Castle will still dominate the SIAC in the near future, however, North might be lurking around too. Even though people think the SIAC is a football conference, it’s really a Soccer conference overall, with Girl’s soccer teams in the SIAC being perennial state contenders, like Memorial, Mater Dei, Castle, and Reitz gaining steam(for SIAC).
  10. SIAC sectional observation -Memorial and Jasper avoid a first round meet, seeking a rematch in the championship -Castle draws Bloomington South, but at home -North travels to Bloomington North - Reitz gets an interesting Boonville team (could be 5-2 on the season, had 3 1 point losses) -Harrison gets Memorial, so yea -Mater Dei should face Linton in an excellent semifinal matchup -Bosse gets Corydon Central at home -VL travels to Princeton -Central gets the bye week in Sectional 24 and should travel to Memorial
  11. Jalen Berger has been dismissed from Wisconsin
  12. With Memorial, the team is pretty young and there’s talent on it. But all eyes on Coach Vieth, as there are rumors that his is retiring soon.
  13. FINAL Castle wins 4-3, and effectively ends Memorial’s Soccer Dynasty. Castle is extremely good this year and should make it to state, we will wish them the best and hope they represent the SIAC well!
  14. Memorial scores a goal with 2 minutes left 4-3 Castle 2 minutes left
  15. Nope. Castle scores with 14 minutes left 4-2 Castle
  16. Hang on...Does Vieth have something up his sleeve? Goal Memorial 3-2 Castle 20 minutes left
  17. Jackson Mitchell for Castle is too much for the Tigers today
  18. Castle score right out of the gate to make it 3-1 Castle. That should do it for my Tigers unfortunately
  19. Castle responds well against Memorial’s first goal 2-1 Castle HT 40 minutes for Memorial to decide their Dynasty or will their Rival Castle finish them off for good
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