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  1. Do you guys think our coaches are told not to lose their temper and show anger as a response to the Knight years, this hindering their ability to coach? Also, do you think the bill of rights hinders them as well? The players can't be touched because they are guaranteed to be here even if they are combative and not team players?
  2. You're just going to die on this hill aren't you? Sure, some were comparing us to Nebraska football but that's not an accurate comparison. Their state talent dried up and the wishbone died. Others were like 'if he can't win at Indiana then he sure can't win here'.
  3. We need a coach to come in and create their own culture. Knight didn't do things Branch, the next guy doesn't have to be like Knight. Get a guy that plays up tempo offense and understands the importance of half court defense. Get a guy who plays firehouse offense, 40 minutes of hell defense, ball.
  4. I was very underwhelmed with the hire. A very boring, vanilla hire. A guy who grinds out wins with a Jurassic era offense at a mid major who had a nice tourney run. I was so disappointed and wanted the breaking news tweet to be wrong. It wasn't.
  5. The money is there. Just have to find the right guy.
  6. Nobody said he was killing it. But he was not on the verge of getting fired either. I'm quoting the New York Times Your quoting wikipedia.
  7. This does not sound like he was going to get fired. In fact, the Dolphins were pissed that he left them. https://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/04/sports/ncaafootball/04saban.html
  8. How was Kentucky able to get Pitino from the Knicks? How was Alabama able to get Saban from the Dolphins?
  9. Well, they are a basketball school now. We sure aren't.
  10. Yeah, I'm done with him too. I guess he wants internal memos.
  11. Do you honestly think McRobbie is going to hold a press conference and announce it? You think that would go over well? They were sick of a powerful coach like Knight and once they got rid of him they said never again. They don't want a powerful program. They don't want a powerful coach The administration was embarrassed of being known for just basketball He wanted a source on the spot. Well I gave him one. Rabby covers this athletic department for a living. Is Mike Pegram not a good enough source either? He breaks down everything that has happened from Knight to Mil
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