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  1. Just in the way he would be able to run his program. I've heard that things were sprung on him after he took the job that may have affected whether or not he would have taken it.
  2. I hope he wasn't sold a bill of goods on how things would be once he got here.
  3. The first review of our recruiting efforts of this class has come in:
  4. A big whiff for sure. Hopefully next year is better.
  5. All fine schools. Can't go wrong there.
  6. Not looking good according to Assembly Call. Another thing we hopefully learn is to only hold out for one guy until the very end. Everyone else should be told to **** or get off the pot if others who want to be here want to commit.
  7. I think it's two things: We put so many eggs in this basket only to be spurned for our rival at the last minute. The compounding bad news regarding Mohammed and Miller.
  8. Agreed. He needs 5 years. Either he builds something good or he doesn't.
  9. I don't think that anybody feels that the sky is falling. I do think that there is frustration among many Indiana fans. Frustration in this years class. Frustration in last year's cancelation. Frustration in Archie's first three years and the last 25 years in general. Frustration in the perceived commitment to mediocrity from the administration. Frustration in that many felt that Indiana really needed a big time hire three years ago to give the program the shot in the arm it needed and that the administration just couldn't or wouldn't get it done. There are better days ahead I'
  10. I think he said that he never heard Purdue until about 7:30pm last night. Not his fault. He can only say what he's hearing at the time. After this and Brooks, Archie needs to have backup plans. And if the backup wants to commit, it's time to go to recruit A and say **** or get off the pot. These kids are leaving him holding the bag at the very last minute so they can be dramatic.
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