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  1. I don't give a rats behind about the XJ incident. That's baby stuff compared to other programs. Were there guns? Drugs? DUI? No? Then the ones who want him gone can GTFO The fan base is naive and frankly, grandma like. I want Woodson to succeed. I think he can. But this program, the administration and the fan base is stuck in 1987.
  2. Fife and Matta were there to make the hire look better to the fans.
  3. Yeah, I guess the real blue bloods don't miss on their coaches. Meanwhile, Indiana hired a coach that needed That Matt's and Dane Fife to make the hire more palatable to the fans.
  4. We are 20 years behind these teams. And why are we playing Kansas next year? We are not in their universe. They are going to prison sex us.
  5. They will do whatever it takes. Like UNC, Kansas, Kentucky. These programs refuse to let themselves become Indiana. We are a cautionary tale.
  6. I wanted us to hire their coach. He's doing a great job.
  7. From the online scuttlebutt, it sounds like everyone else is coming back. Just waiting on Trace, Race and JG decisions.
  8. Stoked by the coaching news. This is Mike Woodson's program. Sorry Fife didn't work out but I get it now and if Woody wanted to move on then he's the boss.
  9. Pat Knight was a great passer.
  10. He was at MSU for 10 years. He did fine under Izzo.
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