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  1. Stetson likes up-tempo, and I think Luke will do well with that. They definitely need a PG this year, but I’m unsure on next. Both of their returning PGs opted out this year because of Covid. I’m not 100% they’re returning. Stetson will do well this year once the season moves along, but they’ll be really good the next couple years. Redshirt freshman, Johnson, is having a really nice season. He was named ASUN freshman of the week last week. Sophomore, Perry, was named ASUN player of the week last week. He was freshman of the year last year. Their center is a 4 star sophomore. Smith is their bes
  2. Yep. That was an ugly game. They’ll get things figured out in conference play. The coach is still figuring out his team, and the team is trying to get their legs and learn. Out of 35 possible preseason practices, they had 7. With 6 sophomores and 6 freshmen, that’s a recipe for a very slow start. Especially against teams like Miami and Florida. I expect the next game to be about a 20 point loss, then they’ll start gaining experience and confidence. They definitely need a point guard though.
  3. They play Miami Friday at 7:00 on ACC Network. it was tough to watch last night but somewhat expected. They spent 28 days in quarantine and less than 2 weeks practicing. They started 3 freshman and 2 sophomores (Josh got the start). It’s going to take them some time to figure things out.
  4. From what I’ve been told, they tried to get Purdue but Purdue said no (at least for this season). I haven’t heard anything about IU, but I’d pretty much guarantee they’ve reached out. They’re looking at a lot of Indiana kids.
  5. Stetson is off to a tough start. They had 1 week of practice, then a player got Covid. They quarantined in a hotel (no practices or working out) for 2 weeks. They finished that and had another week of practice only for another player to get Covid. Now, they’re back at the hotel for 2 weeks. Their first game at Miami has been postponed and possibly canceled. They’ve had 2 weeks of practice since last season ended with 6 second year players and 6 first year players.
  6. Thanks. I’m looking forward to seeing how their season plays out this year. They open on 11/25 at U of Miami. Because of this thread I’ve watched a few of Blackford’s games from last year on YouTube. Luke is a great shooter and has a real feel for the game. It’s so hard to judge a person’s size on YouTube videos though. Especially when there are no big kids on the court. It’s hard to see what a player is capable of when playing against a poor level of competition. I had the same doubts about Josh. But, Luke looked good in the NCAA camp last summer against decent competition. Josh is now seeing
  7. I don’t think Josh and Luke have ever played together. I think I was wrong on the returning PG. I saw #10 play a lot last year and thought it was the same #10 on this years roster. Doesn’t appear to be. I’m guessing that’s why they’re looking to run Perry with Johnston together, 2 (what I’d consider) shooting guards. Stetson was Josh’s only D1 offer. He had a ton of schools look at him, but none pulled the trigger. Temple wanted him to go the prep school route (I believe). Niagara came and visited. A few ASUN teams visited. Even IU (Schilling) visited. Ball State seemed very interest
  8. Josh was 5’11” as a freshman and played guard. He’s now 6’8” and has guard skills. I watched Josh play against Luke in either an AAU game or at one of the camps. They were both playing with foot injuries, but Luke was fun to watch. Last year, I’m pretty sure all of Stetson’s games were available on ESPN+. There’s a price per year, but I forget what it is. I’m assuming they’ll be on there again this year. And yes, the back up PG was a freshman last year.
  9. I wouldn’t say they used a traditional point last year. They look to run what looks like motion. They lost their main “point” but the backup is back. Perry was their shooting guard. He was the conference freshman of the year. Very ugly shot, but it goes in. It’s almost a set shot. It sounds like they’ll play a lot of him and redshirt freshman Chase Johnston together. Chase was the nations all time leader in 3 pointers made as a high schooler. He sat out last year as he started with Purdue Ft Wayne but immediately transferred to Stetson. They've told Josh, the Monrovia player, that they’ll u
  10. I just found this site and was looking through posts. The reason I found this one interesting? I know the Monrovia player, Josh Smith, that is playing for Stetson. They are going to be very intriguing over the next few years. Jones is a great coach who won national titles at Florida under Donovan and was staffed in the nba. Stetson was projected to finish last in the ASUN last year but finished 3rd starting 4 freshman most of the season. They have a legitimate center who will be a 6’10” sophomore with a 7’3” wingspan. Perry was their freshman of the year shooting guard. They brought
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