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  1. Doesn't sound good for the Hoosiers but , it ain't over until the fat lady sings. I guess I will be checking a lot during the day to see if anything changes. Either way at least basketball starts this week, which is a very good thing. Go Hoosiers
  2. I see a few different combinations Archie might use during the start of the season but for game one I am going with the following. Lander Rob Durham Hunter Jackson-Davis I believe all 11 players will see action, for Archie to use different line up's as the early part of season.
  3. Wish we could get him on campus for a visit. That is what Creighton has over us, they got him on campus for visit. I really like his size and shooting from outside. I hope we get him, it would help after losing Trey to Purdue.
  4. Does anybody know if Mason will be a fall or a spring commit? I believe is ability to shot from the outside but have the size to guard a 4 would be a big get for the Hoosiers. What is everybody else's thoughts on Mason?
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