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  1. Understandably since he referenced standing bare before Fouls.
  2. Those of us that just don't know when to let go.
  3. Throw in a divorce or 10 and you have Fouls dating history documented as well.
  4. This couldn't possibly be more wrong.
  5. I thought they were 2 of Fouls ex-wives. Oops. 😚
  6. Only thing I would change is year 4 is guaranteed even if we do implode again. Other than that, well said.
  7. We are not going to miss the NCAA this year, so no need to start the hot seat discussion.
  8. Bob Knight joke about Todd Lindemann I believe. Told Dickie V. that he wasn't a true 7 footer because he had a short neck and Vitale repeated it on air during a broadcast. After saying it and seeing his co-host's response, Vitale figured out Knight was pulling his leg.
  9. Not a dumb question, I had forgotten about that as well.
  10. Definite recruiting advantage. By the way, I still have eligibility available.
  11. Guess we don't have to wait on this one.
  12. The highlighted part is where I feel we are jumping the gun. None of us know what Archie has communicated to the Leal's (why I was interested in Mrs. Leal's input). He could have told them he doesn't give out offers until the end of a player's Junior year of HS, hence the in home on Monday as the opportunity to do just that. I don't think it is Archie that is causing us to currently miss on recruits. I think it is more of the locker room issue that led to a worse than expected season. Now Archie has to convince recruits that last season will never happen again because he is bringing in his own players with his mindset.
  13. Trey's dad was a musician, why would he need money for his kid to go to UK?
  14. So we complained that Crean handed out offers like candy basically devaluing them. Now we complain because Archie doesn't hand them out early enough? It seems to me that Archie has a process for how and when he makes offers to make the most impact to the recruits and their families. I would be interested to hear Mrs. Leal's take on whether or not they feel slighted by not having an official offer yet.
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