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  1. Great List! I would add a couple: Critical Thinking (How to deal with a woman who doesn't say No and won't take No for an answer) Polymer Chemistry (Evaluate which elastomer has the best protection against STD's and pregnancy) Psychology/Order of Protection (Dealing with stalkers and ex's - right 5Fouls?) Genealogy (Finding the founding father and his sister or cousin of Kentucky)
  2. I am guessing we won't be ranked, in men's basketball, at any point during this season. We will probably make the NCAA Tournament, but never ranked. Unfortunately Football schools just don't get the benefit of the doubt on the hardwood.
  3. Oh, and a really well played game last night. If our football team could play defense the way the basketball team did last night, we would be in contention for the CFP.
  4. Football team is going to a bowl game! Football team beat Purdue! Football team was ranked this year! Still a football school.
  5. You're confusing the situation, it's obvious from his uniform he plays the 3 and the 5! That is why he is Legendary!
  6. We made the top 25 just 2 weeks ago, we are heading to a bowl game, play our in-state rival this Saturday, and a short work week! What's not to love? Turns out it was a double bonus as getting ranked moved the dubious honor to Purdue of becoming the new Power 5 conference team with the longest streak of not being ranked in the Top 25. We are favored by 6.5 right now. I expect to see us win by more than 2 touchdowns. Go Hoosiers!!!
  7. We are a football school now, so we can probably go to 1 board for all sports not Football.
  8. Anybody know the line of the Michigan game this weekend? 🏈
  9. This is what happens to football schools, recruits want to play where they aren't second fiddle to Spring football games. We just have to accept it. We need to focus on how to beat Michigan this weekend. Pound PU and knock them out of Bowl contention. Then see where we play in December.
  10. Going to be a fun couple of days over analyzing everything to determine which way DG is leaning. We can talk about the players wanting instant playing time, but fans are even worse wanting instant information.
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