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  1. Same. I have to right click and open in new tab to navigate pages.
  2. Probably be the day you stop getting divorced too.
  3. Can a player be an all-time favorite if they left early? In the personal category... Was #7's sister #8, #9, or #10? If not, why? How long until #11? Should be a betting opportunity. How long until #4 gets released? Is there a restraining order in place? Was #3 a prostitute? Just my list. Sorry I am late to the party.
  4. Rupp Rafters is going to be entertaining tonight
  5. That is so ironic that this was posted by you.
  6. Isn't it just 2 from a safety?
  7. I think The Helms Foundation can fix that!!!
  8. I thought Evan Eschmeyer was a 5 star recruit?
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