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  1. That is so ironic that this was posted by you.
  2. Isn't it just 2 from a safety?
  3. I think The Helms Foundation can fix that!!!
  4. I thought Evan Eschmeyer was a 5 star recruit?
  5. If it is the one he is still married to, then that is pretty telling.
  6. That's worked out well for you 9 times.
  7. I don't think she cared about anything after I hit her.
  8. Hit a deer on the interstate. Totaled the car, deer guts splattered all over I-65. No humans were injured in the accident. Just paid the car off 2 months earlier.
  9. If this number was 9, I would swear that is 5Fouls.
  10. Wow. That name just rolls off the tongue like poetry.
  11. Safe assumption that I do not understand how any of this came about. That's actually a safe assumption on most sports related things anymore.
  12. No remote way that can be considered good.
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