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  1. I think we will see a more confident Rob with the new staff / offense. I get the hesitation, but I am convinced a lot of our offensive woes were due to the scheme, and less due to the personnel. We shall see.
  2. It's just a message board. A topic for discussion. If Woody is looking here for anything other than humor, we have bigger issues than any of us are capable of comprehending.
  3. You would rather let someone who has never coached a game of college basketball in his life choose the starting lineup over the know-it-all IU fans on this site? Your fan card is officially under review. 👎
  4. I will go with (from roster as of this post): Johnson Phin Stewart Hunter TJD
  5. Losing to Rutger's 3 times in a season will do that.
  6. Is this how you start each marriage?
  7. Slow IU news day. Let's all go back to b!tching at each other!!!
  8. He would probably be going to Minnesota if their whole team wasn't in the portal.
  9. But He was the first coach of a 1 seed to lose to a 16 seed.
  10. That's my fault. Kept refreshing to get balls shaver ad back.
  11. 5fouls says it is easier to ask your soon to be ex-wife for forgiveness, rather than permission.
  12. Nope. Those are the same ones I use. First one: Is it just gas? Second one: Let's find out. Last one: Yes! And I feel bad for my co-workers.
  13. Oh great. I think I may know which co-worker it could be.
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