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  1. He will be a better NBA Player than Romeo was one of her comments I believe.
  2. Are either Al or Justin looking and eligible for the grad transfer option?
  3. If Fouls can get away with 9 ex-wives, you are well within bounds.
  4. I thought HerpesHaas was her best friend? Hard to keep up with Real Housewives of 5fouls.
  5. Or he could have Karen Sypher polish it for him. If he is like his dad, should only take 15 seconds.
  6. She's not there with Mark Sanford, is she? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Sanford_extramarital_affair
  7. You said you were from Columbus? Most Hope people I know won't claim Columbus.
  8. I think Archie punching the clipboard last game sealed the deal! Kauffman will commit as soon as Archie punches an assistant in the face.
  9. Is there going to be a replay of the game? I listened to most of it, but was out shopping with the family.
  10. Keep this up and I am sure you will get used to not being able to post. There is a polite way to disagree and you haven't done it yet.
  11. It will fire back up after our next loss.
  12. Probably because the show didn't start until 2010. And it wasn't until the 80's on Magnum P.I. that Tom Selleck proved he was capable of being a lead on a "blue bloods" show.
  13. More than likely, since they played together on a Final Four team, He and Mike Roberts still keep in touch.
  14. It didn't sound like Jay Bilas was too pleased with the B1G officiating.
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