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  1. Probably be the day you stop getting divorced too.
  2. Can a player be an all-time favorite if they left early? In the personal category... Was #7's sister #8, #9, or #10? If not, why? How long until #11? Should be a betting opportunity. How long until #4 gets released? Is there a restraining order in place? Was #3 a prostitute? Just my list. Sorry I am late to the party.
  3. Rupp Rafters is going to be entertaining tonight
  4. That is so ironic that this was posted by you.
  5. Isn't it just 2 from a safety?
  6. I think The Helms Foundation can fix that!!!
  7. I thought Evan Eschmeyer was a 5 star recruit?
  8. That's worked out well for you 9 times.
  9. I don't think she cared about anything after I hit her.
  10. Hit a deer on the interstate. Totaled the car, deer guts splattered all over I-65. No humans were injured in the accident. Just paid the car off 2 months earlier.
  11. If this number was 9, I would swear that is 5Fouls.
  12. Wow. That name just rolls off the tongue like poetry.
  13. Safe assumption that I do not understand how any of this came about. That's actually a safe assumption on most sports related things anymore.
  14. No remote way that can be considered good.
  15. Why didn't he have the conversation with the Pac-10 about a merger prior to OU and UT exiting? He may have, I don't know, it just seems that he is in panic mode ever since it became public. Maybe everything is coming out now that was being done behind the scenes before. He should have found ways to get everyone in the Big 12 more money, not just those 2.
  16. I think the Big 12 is toast and Bowlsby is doing whatever he can to save his job.
  17. Nobody is going to want Green Bay until the Aaron Rodgers situation is settled.
  18. To his credit, he was called out when some thought Kofi was transferring out and things looked a lot worse for them.
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