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  1. The lack of optimism is not fun to read here. We had msu last time with awful guard play and then fell asleep, we are more than capable to beat them. One game at a time!! Get the dub and move forward!
  2. Msu is basically do or die for both iu and msu. Assuming there r no crazy runs in the BTT.
  3. J. Smith is averaging abt the same numbers he did at IU. Idk why everyone is acting like him leaving IU made him 100x better. Im glad hes in a winning culture right now tho.
  4. https://www.si.com/.amp/college/2021/02/27/indiana-hoosiers-archie-miller-scott-drew?__twitter_impression=true i would love scott drew but i personally dont see him leaving.
  5. Someone really pranked the whole RU & IU fan base 😂
  6. So if race is out how would you guys go about this game? Idk how were going to get a rebound lmao
  7. Cut the they got in a fight stuff. Why even speculate something like that? Speculation that race is about the only Valid thing there is right now.
  8. Im sure youve already seen but its race
  9. Id assume parker posting #freestew means it isnt archies fault. Some of yall try to blame everything on him.
  10. Would love for stewart to make an apperance tonight but seems unlikely
  11. Could be a crazy good week for iubb, we play illinois, iowa, and a more than likely committment on sunday. 3-0 would be insane. 2-1 awesome. 1-2... yeah. Fingers crossed for 3-0! regarding illinois, we didnt play awful the first time around, i expect freethrows to be a big part of this. Hopefully some JG to help for hype and help defending in the paint? TJD to be mad and play mad.
  12. I wasnt sure if this was right thread or not so please correct me if it is. But does anyone have any idea what this could be about? My best guess is brunk is offically out for the year or that stewart isnt playing this szn. Maybe a galloway/franklin injury?
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