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  1. Wish people would consider jerome is only a Sophomore before freaking out. There are gonna be transfers with this crazy covid yr. also kenya hunter seems to be doing a great job recruiting so far! It’s ok to not b happy about missing a recruit but dont panic.
  2. Good pickup for ND. have read his mom can be a bit of an issue sometimes (idk the details) glad we are keeping indiana talent in state tho.
  3. Read on stockrisers that purdue is a heavy lean.
  4. I like IU’s position here. It is tough having crean call aminu right after edwards got drafted #1 though, what an easy lure for recruiting. Meh time will tell.
  5. Exactly! We will be fine. Itll work itself out. Archies first “down year” for recruiting and we havent even hit spring yet. Smh at people. Its disappointing to not get the guys we swung hard for but i believe kenya hunter is doing an excellent job for the class of 22 thus far. Wait for the long term goals.
  6. He follows a lot of IU stuff on instagram. Didnt see any creighton. Sure its nothing tho.
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