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  1. I include Galloway in that group. If he can get healthy and develope his three point shooting the sky is the limit for him as well imho?
  2. Anyone have any news on Trey's injury progress? Wondering when he may return to play? Think his highbasketball IQ would have been a real help at Syracuse, and Wisconsin. Coaches son that plays unselfishly and knows how to win! Anyone else think so?
  3. I don't know if anyone else has felt it, but the whole climate around the mens basketball program has changed? Call it a paradyme shift, a new found inspiration, or just a completely new expectation level? I can't quite put my finger on it but it is there. When Coach Woodson addressed the crowd at Hoosier Hysteria, you could have literally heard a pin drop! Everyone in that gym wanted to hear every word Woody had to say. He did'nt spew out a boat load of hype, or hoopla. He did humbly spell out his expectations and rules he made clear were important to him. He made it clear no minutes are given out to the players for just showing up. They must be earned. There is an obvious respect between Coaches and players I have not seen in a while. He is a Coach that will defend his players, and they him also. They seemed to be drinking his Kool-Aid and liking it. There is an optimizm that I find encouraging. A comradery we hadn't seen at the Hall for quite some time! TEAM is what came to my mind as I left Hoosier Hysteria, Together Each Achieves More! I believe we are witnessing to return of Indiana Basketball! And I for one can't wait to see it blossom right before our eyes! Indiana We're All For You !!
  4. Wondered if masks aree going to be manditory for Hoosier Hysteria ths year? Vacinations?
  5. Is the game wednesday night televised or live streamed?
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