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  1. Jealous. Loved Torchy’s when we visited Austin last year. My go to in the food court my freshman year was the Potato Ole Burrito. Memories. I can’t do Taco Bell any more. The last time I went there...well...I’ll spare you the details. But when I did my favorite was the Gordita Crunch with the Baja Sauce.
  2. Kaepernick originally sat for the national anthem until a green beret vet told him it was disrespectful to those who have served. From that point on he took a knee in honor of those who have served. You can still disagree with his method of protest, but I come across a lot of people who don’t know this and wanted to share. His intention wasn’t ever to disrespect it was just portrayed that way; he wanted to bring awareness. I don’t think intentions excuse all but I do think they bring some perspective to situations. https://www.npr.org/2018/09/09/646115651/the-veteran-and-nfl-player-who-advised-kaepernick-to-take-a-knee
  3. Don't fret, I'm sure his sons know crime is bad too. 😕 And not one person is claiming, or would be crazy enough to claim that a young black man should 'only' fear cops. I don't get that impression from anybody. This retort in these situations always confuses me because what's the point of bringing this up? We're talking about police officers, authority figures who are supposed to protect us, killing an innocent man and you are shifting the focus to black on black crime? Don't get my wrong, both are bad, but one problem has nothing to do with the other problem. It's just as relevant to say 'I hope this dad is teaching his sons to look both ways before crossing the street because oncoming traffic is dangerous too.'
  4. This is all very good to put into perspective. I think there are a couple of factors to why react differently to something like heart disease. Not arguing either way...just diving into the human psyche. 1. Hospitals are set-up to operate at capacity and capacity does not differ that much from year to year. If changes are needed, slow moving trends will help them prepare to meet the treatment demand. We know a certain percentage is needed for heart disease, some for cancer, some for accidents, etc. But when an unexpected pandemic hits like Corona, and there's a spike in hospitalizations that flirts with capacity numbers, people naturally fear if they get sick they won't be able to get treatment. We're fortunate that didn't happen here like it did in Italy. 2. I think another thing that makes people uncomfortable is the lack of control. Heart disease is a slow moving threat. Many times, people are in control of their own fate by lifestyle choices they make and decrease or increase their chances of a longer life-span. It's much harder to control coronavirus and this makes us uneasy. Somebody can not 'give you' heart disease, but they can give you Coronavirus.
  5. I don't doubt that there are studies that cast doubt on the effectiveness of masks, but not that they will "make matters worse" in regards to COVID19. To make things more confusing, a lot of studies focus on using a mask for self-protection, not transmission prevention; and were completed before COVID19 was even a thing. I don't' believe there are any completed studies that actually test masks with COVID19. I was listening to a podcast that summarized many of these studies and there were a whole bunch of factors they are concentrating on: different types of masks, how well they filter a virus, etc., but none disputed the fact that masks decrease the projectile of airborne droplets, which is this virus's preferred method of transmission. But if you are concerned about contamination via touch, I think I'd rather have an asymptomatic person touch their face mask and then test the ripeness of an avocado that I ultimately pick out, rather than coughing directly on the avocado. (a completely unscientific assumption on my part 😀)
  6. I'm still astonished that people still act as if they're being "brave" for not wearing a mask. It's not about being protected, it's about protecting others incase you have it and are asymptomatic. Nobody wants death. Everybody wants to get back to work and get the economy going. My friend was baaaahh'd at (as in sheep) the other day in Target clearly by people who don't understand this premise. Ironically, my friend was wearing a mask as a courtesy to the people baaahing at her. WTF is wrong with people right now? It's simple math. Wearing a mask decreases R or the reproductive rate. If R is lower, it decreases the severity or the chances of another wave from happening. Even if you don't believe a second wave is coming, or the numbers are overstated, or the virus 'isn't that bad', wouldn't it be smart to wear one in public places......just in case you're wrong? Because if the cases go up and we flirt with our ICU bed capacity again, it's not us who will be be deciding to issue another lock down; it will be the government and out of our control. How about we don't give them a reason to contemplate this scenario by being cautious and looking out for each other? The risk reward is in our favor on this one because there is no risk for wearing a mask (other than being a little irritated behind the ears)...it's pure reward!
  7. I just gave up trying to get yellow road paint off the side of my car. Clay bar, WD40, Goo Gone with a credit card scraper......didn't do crap. All the videos on YouTube made it more confusing because you have to filter through the idiots telling you to put god knows what on your paint. Anybody ever done this successfully? Either way, the detailing shop said they'll get it off for $50. Good enough for me.
  8. I have. Usually wrap meat side down with apple juice, vinegar, brown sugar and butter. I mentioned above that I’ve come around back to just 5-6 hours on grill because I like a little bite on them rather than completely falling off the bone. Also, something that I learned last year is that 3.2.1 isn’t for all ribs. Spare ribs are 3.2.1 and baby backs are 2.2.1. If anybody is interested, there’s a Facebook group that I’d recommend joining called BBQ Pitmasters Secrets. A lot of cool techniques and tips are shared by posters who range from casual smokers to chefs and restaurant owners. They’ll get into endless arguments about stuff like putting the fat side up or down on pork butts, but a good follow none the less. edit: @mrflynn03 the 1 in 3.2.1. isn’t for rest, it’s for saucing. You put back on the grill at low temp with sauce. Even if you don’t want sauce, you’ll need to dry them out a bit after the wrap.
  9. For any Margarita fans, I actually found a really good mix available in stores: Owl’s Brew. Best store bought mix I’ve come across. Has a bit of habanero with a nice kick. A bit pricey too at $9 for 16 oz, but well worth it...not too sweet, not too sour...just well balanced.
  10. Maybe he thinks Archie quit on him. we may not agree with it, but it could be his perception. Just sayin’
  11. Recipe got me at ‘cilantro’. Gonna try this.
  12. Ha. Definitely not a ‘native’ Hawaiian specialty. When in Hawaii it’s poke bowls and fish tacos for me. ....But back to grilling. Looking forward to having smoked baby backs tomorrow...weather permitting. I’ve tried a whole bunch of different ways, but smoking @ 215 for 5-6 hours with a spritz of apple juice every hour works best for me. (I just rub with mustard and some Famous Daves Rub.)
  13. My in-laws live in northeast Indiana and every summer we drive 30 minutes to this place called Mister Bratz in Orland to load up on Hawaiian brats. They are brats with pineapple in them - absolutely amazing. The trick is cooking them long over low heat because if they burst a lot of the flavor is lost. So if you ever happen to be in Bumble-F, Indiana....definitely hit that place up. They have a whole bunch of flavors, but the Hawaiian is our favorite.
  14. I didn’t know Naperville closed. Did you ever try that Hot As A Mutha app there? It was something like jalapeño cream cheese stuffed in a fried jabenero. I had the littlest bit and was sweating for 30 minutes. Hottest thing I’ve ever had.
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