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  1. I think the candy stripe inlay should be the start of a tradition. That is what all future draftees sew in to their suits. It'd definitely make a nice 'hall of photos' to put in Cook/Assembly Hall to show off on recruiting trips.
  2. Haha. As an alumni I can say that when I went there we were definitely not referred to as high brow. They called us Rolling Ghettos - while that nickname was a bit of a stretch and used mainly because it rhymed, we were somewhere between the 2. Maybe this kid can become our most famous alumni and inch ahead of Jimmy Garoppolo and Bill Lumbergh.
  3. One of the biggest ‘pros’ from that video is that he was 64% in the half court on a team without any perimeter shooting. I still think Romeo’s ability to get to the rim and finish around the rim is why he’ll succeed in the NBA. In the ‘cons’ section of the video all of that standing around was hard to watch. Not just for Romeo, but that the entire team was often standing around. The lack or urgency on offense was just bad - I hope this is the main area where Archie will improve. Even in the midst of last season I thought the team was too content just waiting for Romeo to do something special. It reminded me of what Tim Miles said in the huddle in the Nebraska game: “don’t worry about anybody other than Langford or Morgan”. I don’t care if we lacked skill in shooting. Nobody was ever cutting hard or moving off the ball with any urgency. I’m still 100% behind Archie, but this is on him and will remain a concern for me until he proves other wise. Regarding the other weakness the video pointed out - that he missed open players when deciding to drive - I just had to laugh that the wide open players in the examples used were Smith and Morgan on the 3 pt line. I think it was a strength that Romeo knew NOT to pass it to them. Haha.
  4. Huge leap if he’s going to surpass RP or ‘good Devonte’ on the depth chart and start. Again, what I wrote above is what I think it’s going to take for the team to reach their ceiling. (The ceiling in my eyes being securely in the tournament)
  5. This. One of these 2 things will need to happen if next year's team is what everybody wants it to be (top of the big ten, border line top 25, securely in the tournament): 1. TJD and Jerome need to be everything we hope for and more. With losing Romeo and Juwan, we need a severe talent upgrade 2. Al or Justin will need to make a HUGE (almost Oladipo-esque) leap in the off-season. If not (or not a mix of the 2), we will be a bubble team again at best. I'm just hoping we aren't in the situation where the main reason for Al and Justin starting is because TJD and Jerome aren't ready.
  6. Looking at it again, I think our players are pretty interchangeable - I don't think we'll need mass substitutions. Maybe the only 2 players I can't imagine (at least now) on the floor at the same time are De'ron and Brunk. That said we have a lot of combinations that will work and I think our success hinges on Hunter and the development of Justin: a) can Hunter step in as a 2 and b) can Justin develop his shot enough to play more of a 3 to stretch the floor. If so, I think we'll see a whole bunch of different line-ups. I'm fairly certain we'll be solid defensively. It's the offense (specifically shooting) that worries me again.
  7. I think our best case scenario for a starting line-up: RP - no explanation needed Devonte - hope he matures into our leader and is our main PPG guy next season Hunter - Hopefully all the talk is not hype. Juwan said he and Romeo were the best freshmen (That means he's better than Rob and that would be an excellent thing) TJD - Burger boy. Can he make that jump? There will be tough competition with Smith (who hasn't proved to me that he can play the 3) De'ron - A healthy and imposing DD will be key in B1G play. IF...a big IF...this comes to fruition and the players above hit their ceilings then out depth could give us a 'Platoon Light' substitution pattern with Brunk, Smith, Race and Al coming off the bench. I'd still prefer another dependable guard - not sure how much Damezi or Armaan will be able to contribute yet.
  8. Remember when we thought we had depth last year? Hopefully karma will dictate that we have very few injuries next year. I think there are way too many unknown to start talking about platoon subs. JMHO.
  9. Yes Yes And a couple of months ago (been a while) I use Spotify for everyday listening at my computer or in the car. When I find albums I really like I'll purchase them on vinyl because I just like to have something that's tangible and I listen to them on weekend mornings with some coffee. I also like to support the artist. (Purchase albums at the merch tables at concerts if you can - more money goes to the band). Tip for growing your album collection. Just throw a message out into the social-media-shpere. As if anybody is willing to sell their collection. A lot of people 60 and up have a bunch of good music boxed up in their basement. They may just give it to you - the satisfaction of the music not going to waste can be good enough sometime. That said, don't overpay - people think their records are worth a lot of money, but they aren't. My dad has the original White Album imported from Britain still in the plastic sleeve that he thought was super valuable - turns out that it only goes for about $15. Same thing with a Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold As Love - Flyback, and again, it's only like $15. Most record stores buy back vinyl super cheap - under a $1 per album. $.25 sometimes. I also like to preach: DISCOVER NEW MUSIC. Everybody like to bitch about how no good music gets made anymore - the album format is dead - the only good music is from the 60s and 70s - blah blah. If you only listen to the radio or get your music from algorithms this can be true. The truth is, music has never been so accessible - if you take the time to look for it, artists are putting out great stuff and have been pushing innovation.
  10. It's definitely a grey area. Let's say you like art - there may not be many jobs in free lance sculpting, but there are many jobs in graphic arts that require education in software, knowledge in branding and marketing, etc. (they don't necessarily need to pursue a life that's completely opposite from their passion) Art departments do not need to be completely eliminated, but they should hone in on skills that are transferable to the real world. Not only will this decrease enrollment it will greatly reduce administrative costs. That's code for killing jobs, how else do you cut a $3.1 billion budget? Eliminate professors who teach obscure material that will only prepare their students to have a career in teaching the same obscure material. I'm not saying completely eliminate something like Philosophy, but maybe have a handful of Universities specialize in that curriculum. Not every school needs to have a Philosophy department.
  11. I think @13th&Jackson deserves the Nobel Prize if he could answer that! You didn't ask me, but I think this is a start: More people are going to college and that is great because our economy is shifting (has shifted). I think, as a result of supply and demand tuition has gone up. If that's the case the demand needs to be lowered. How do you do that? -Do a better job of promoting of jobs that don't require college. Ones that may require some sort of trade school or apprenticeships. It seems that there's a stigma attached to not going to college - that you aren't intelligent. This is not the case at all, college isn't meant for everybody and their are a lot of good well-paying jobs out there that don't require a 4-year college education. Somehow that stigma needs to be removed. -Don't require meaningless classes. This is said from the guy who thrived in History of Rock and Roll. Why are we paying for classes that will not help us in our future professions - and why are they required? -Hit the private and public sector in their job requirements. Why do I know so many teachers who have their master's degree. I'm not degrading teaching one bit, but in order to be competitive for opening teachers are getting master's degrees. When did it become that 4 years isn't enough? If it's not enough then see point #2 and stop making students waste their undergraduate degree with stupid electives. -There's gotta be a clamp down of some sort in degrees that don't produce jobs. I love the arts, but I think those talents need to pursue other means to fine their craft.
  12. Thanks for your perspective and knowledge. If I ever become a billionaire and donate, my restriction will be spent to keep tuition lower. Haha While I understand, many of the restrictions are in place because they want to pay their donations out for many years to come; it’s still messed up. And why IUs budget is $3.2 Billion is beyond me. The city of Indianapolis’ budget is $1.2 Billion. What am I missing? I think Mark Cuban is correct when he predicts our next bubble bursting will be higher education. I think a hard reset is needed. At some point people are going to refuse to pay these high cost and either go to trade school or learn their crap from YouTube. Haha.
  13. Athletes should live on the 10th floor of Briscoe with no A/C, just as I did. 😎 And they should be forced to check their e-mail in the main foyer on DOS.
  14. Thumb aside, his ability to get to the rim (which is outstanding) and his ability to finish at the rim (which is the best I've seen in quite a while) are huge assets in today's NBA. Not to mention his length, athleticism and drama free personality. His shooting can be developed - that's not scaring anybody. I'm not sure Romeo will be an all-star, but I can eventually see him as a solid starter on a majority of teams - easily a first-rounder. JMO.
  15. Among public universities Texas is number 1 with an endowment over $30 billion! We have a huge problem in this country with college tuition greatly outpacing the rate of inflation and schools are sitting on piles of money while their students and alumni rack up enormous amounts of debt - the same alumni they call monthly to donate to their f'n endowments! The top twenty public universities' endowments almost add up to $90 billion. Private Universities are even worse. BUT these are PUBLIC universities. Which begs the question: Why are public Universities syphoning money away from the public? Strangely the beneficiaries of this money are universities where money is hoarded and banks. I understand that bigger endowments mean that it yields a higher amount of interest, and from what I quickly googled, these endowments have a annual withdrawal rate of 4-5%. BUT this still seems too little. And after further research (very quick Googling), in many instances Universities won't precisely answer how much of that withdrawal rate goes to tuition relief. Great, now I worked myself up.
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