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  1. I definitely get where you are coming from. The cryptic tweets in reply to the interview insinuate there is more to the story…..which is why it may have been better left unsaid.
  2. I was going to bring up that if JG has any chance at sniffing the NBA it's going to be as a 3 because he can develop, but he can't grow past 6'6" (on demand). Yes, you can talk about Draymond Green all you want, but he's a complete anomaly at that position, in a unique system. My point above about reading between the lines is that we need depth at the 3 and have more than enough at the 4. JG ultimately wants to be a 3. He didn't transfer to a place who could offer him minutes at the 3 spot. He stayed because the staff is willing to work with his to get him where he wants to be. Look, based on what I saw last season, I completely agree with KOB, Bgleas and BtownQB - he didn't look like a 3 to me either. But there's only so much I see and there's only so much I know. IF the coaches are saying something different, then I'm going to change my mind. I guess, it's simple as that. If you listen to the rest of Kenya's answer on the interview, he does explain why they expect JG to make that leap.
  3. 51 minute mark. ”One of the things coach talked about with Geronimo after the season is trying to move him towards the perimeter and trying to play the 3 spot.”
  4. Hopefully I was remembering the Hoosier Hysterics interviews accurately - that's where I heard it. In context and the impression that I got is that they definitely want him working on his perimeter skills so he can play on the wing next season. I agree with some of you that based on last year's play I don't see him at the 3 either because of defense and ball handling. But I'm not the coach. The narrative the coaches are putting out there is that he's not fully developed because he hasn't been playing basketball long - he's still very green. Combine that with the fact that he's had 3 or 4 coaches in the last 4 years - all with different systems. Maybe that explains him getting lost on the perimeter. Maybe that explains the bad reaching fouls. I don't know. Apparently though, they believe he has the athleticism to make that transition. Reading in between the lines: we signed Reneau and JG didn't transfer. I think that in itself says a lot.
  5. I agree that JG does not look like a 3. That said, both Woody and Kenya have said in interviews that they are preparing Geronimo for the 3 next season. I think this should pretty much end the Geronimo 3/4 debate. Whether or not he'll be successful is another debate.
  6. the Hoosier Hysterics guys interviewed TJD over the weekend. A few interesting tidbits… - During his slump last season his back was hurting him very badly - he was playing in pain, couldn’t move as quick or jump as high until later in February. And before the first Purdue game he was up all night PUking (pun intended) 🤮 - It was his and Race’s decision to suspended the guys for the NW game. 😯 - He said he is going to come out next season shooting. Especially in the early games to get his confidence up. 🤞
  7. Better. All the returning players will get better. I’m also assuming that while JHS may not be better at shooting than Stewart, he may be better in all other aspects fo the game. I’ll predict that the ball will be in JHS’s hands more than twice as much as it was in Parker’s. And because Parker was more of a stagnant catch and shoot guy, this means more movement, more creation, more passing.
  8. It only matters who Woody think ‘should’ start. And based on history, I have a hard time not seeing him start Kopp or Galloway to begin the season.
  9. Definitely not November starters, but I hope these are the January starters.
  10. HUUUUUUGE. This offseason just got that much longer. Oh, the anticipation will make it crawl.
  11. I always have dreams that i'm still in school and skipping a class so much that I forgot I was taking it - until the day before the final exam.
  12. I think those Broncos look cool. They are everywhere around here - they're the new Telluride. I have heard that the cabin noise with the ragtops is super loud though.
  13. Asteroids, Brah: Jupiter has been called the vacuum cleaner of the solar system because its gravity sucks in asteroids and comets, protecting us from those objects. But it's not all good: Jupiter's gravity can also nudge an object onto an orbital collision course with Earth. The good news is that the earlier we detect them, the easier it is to devise a plan to nudge them off course. And we don't want to use the 'Armagedon' method of blowing up an Asteroid because it will create a shower of smaller rocks, that will do just as much damage. The trick is nudging. By the numbers (size to damage ratio)...... - most meteors are smaller than a car and burn up in the atmosphere as harmless meteors. - Any larger than that, and things start getting risky. Some detonate into airbursts high above the ground. These explosions create shockwaves strong enough to break windows. They can also emit enough light energy to cause a sunburn. - A house-sized meteorite can explode in Earth's atmosphere with a force greater than the nuclear weapon the US dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Such a space rock could flatten most buildings within 1.5 miles of ground zero. - An asteroid the size of a 20-story building is bad news. With the right composition, speed, and angle of attack, a rock this size might leave a wake of destruction the size of central Paris. - One roughly the size of a football field could obliterate New York, causing a 7.7-magnitude earthquake that might be felt than 1,000 miles away. - An asteroid more than half a mile wide would start to have global implications. It could destroy an area the size of the US state of Virginia. Dust tossed up from the impact would block the sun and lead to rapid changes in climates across Earth. - A Mount-Everest-size space rock would vaporize everything around its impact site for miles. The resulting crater would stretch more than 100 miles wide. The aftermath that follows would kill most life on Earth. This is similar in size to the space rock that killed the dinosaurs. - A London-sized asteroid would be more than just a major extinction-level event. Its impact would slow down Earth's rotation enough to make its day last almost half a second longer. - The largest known asteroid, Ceres, is about the size of Texas.
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