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  1. Giving this old one a bump.... Anybody catch the Mike Davis interview last week??? Just a lot of interesting stuff about an all-around good guy. Hot takes: - He took blame for a lot of his player's shortcomings, namely George Leach and AJ Ratliff. In retrospect, he said that he didn't develop them the right way - and if he did they could've been pros. Not sure I believe that, but I do appreciate the humility. - He still considers Josh Smith a Hoosier and tells the story about how Josh unexpectedly fell into his lap. - Still regrets not getting Oden and Conley, which he blames the lack of commitment to his job security from the administration. - And he still loves Bracey Wright - you could tell it was killing Eric and Ward that they couldn't get any punches. They were looking for an opening, but Davis didn't bite. - Lastly, the guy does 300 push-ups a day! He inspired me to do 100 push-ups a day for the next 30 days. Anybody is welcome to join me. Today is day 1 and I have 60 down.
  2. Crimson Cast from theHoosier.com is good. Hoosier Report has daily content too. my main 3 have already been mentioned though: Assembly Call, Podcast on the Brink and Hoosier Hysterics.
  3. Ha. I feel I do the exact same thing about the NLI rule....and imagine people on the other side of the computer telling me to 'shut up already!' I'm not bothered by it because I think you're right....this time. haha. Full discretion though, if I thought you were wrong there's a possibility I might be thinking: 'shut up already' as well. 😎 Ahhhhh, message boards - that's why we love em.
  4. I just don't get it because effort is the main thing you have have 100% control over in basketball. And I don't buy that he's getting lost - the guy is smart. Doesn't he have one of the highest, if not the highest, GPA on the team? Getting lost doesn't cause you to jog back in transition. Didn't CAM also recently say something along the lines that in practice Justin is the best defender within the constraints of the system? I said it in another thread, but Justin could be the difference between us being good and really good. The more minutes he can give with 100% effort, the better. That line up that @BGleas listed above could be great: mismatches, fast and long. I hope that the light goes on in Justin's head - I still think it can.
  5. I think this can be done in conjunction with this topic. List minutes leaders from most to least. (Projected season total) RP DG Hunter AL TJD Smith Deron Race Brunk Anderson Franklin * I think the guards will be playing a lot and there will be a lot of rotating the bigs to keep them fresh.
  6. Not sure if you watched Hoosier Hysteria but him and Hunter looked like the best players on the floor. Granted a few were held out of the scrimmage, but he looked too good not to start.
  7. I think if Hunter is ready to go he will start. but based on the fact that CAM says he’s going to go big - you may be right. At least to begin the year. That said, we still don’t have that high percentage shooter that’s going to stretch defenses and with Smith at the 3, that deficiency will be highlighted even more. I really think a good portion of our success will hinge on Justin’s development over the summer. If his handles and shot get better he could really give CAM a lot more flexibility with his lineups. and while I know this proposed line up will not start I’d be curious to see how these guys would play together. Not a traditional big, but they’d still have length and athleticism. RP DG JH JS TJD
  8. So far so good. Small hiccup, but problem solved by force closing app and then restarting.
  9. I did too. I’ll be able to share feedback in 40 minutes.
  10. I’m thinking about paying for a month to watch Hoosier Hysteria. Reviews are horrible. Does anybody have the app on fire stick currently? Does the live streaming work okay? one review said you can’t watch live events, but I’m wondering if this means you cant watch live events IF they are already on the regular BTN channels. Feedback would be appreciated.
  11. Self said he didn’t approve of last nights performance and KU issued an apology. Looks pretty deliberate to me. Look how they were marketing it. Self in a gold chain and an Adidas shirt. Not a KU Adidas shirt - just the logo. When they were setting up did the people in charge just naively think “what are these poles and money guns for???” I think it’s hilarious and horrible at the same time. A big middle finger to the NCAA.
  12. Lesson learned for Slick Rick. Next time do your dirty deeds in public.....at midnight madness......in front of kids. 😂
  13. This is where I don't believe you are accurate. This is going to affect 100% of the athletes and I'll bet you that waaaay more than 1% take advantage of it. If you don't want to believe me then you can take a look at the numerous positive articles being written about it by major publications. Numerous female athletes were lobbying on this bill's behalf. We tend (myself included) look at this through the scope of men's football and basketball, but because those sports have created recruiting cesspools, they are ruining it for everybody else. We are talking about $1,000,000 endorsement deals for a basketball player, while being completely blind to the smaller world of other sports where athletes could tend to make a few thousand off their NLI. We are focusing on Nike and Adidas, when there are other niches of successful companies for other sports. What about Mikasa for Volleyball, TYR for swimming, GK Elite for gymnastics, etc.? Sure they aren't as big as the huge shoe companies but they still market with athletes. And I guarantee you there are tens of thousands of little gymnasts who look up to Kaetlyn Ohashi even though you might not know who that is. Look at Tyra Buss - she holds basketball training sessions to make money and she's been out of the spotlight for 2 years - imagine what she could've done while attending IU. I mentioned before that I coach swimming. You could not believe at what an early age brand recognition starts. You would not believe the money parent's fork up for their kids to attend 3 hour swim camps hosted by olympians or ones that are instructed by D1 college athletes (who of course volunteer their time). You would not believe how many instagram followers and YouTube subscribers these athletes have. They might not be as popular nationally as Zion Williamson but they do have a base of followers within their own sports and there is an opportunity for them to make money. I look back and laugh how long I could make the $2-$3,000 I made in the summer stretch almost 2 full semesters. It may not seem like as much anymore, but think back to when you were in college and how much $1,000 would mean to you back then? If you could make $500 and host a camp on the weekend, wouldn't you? Shouldn't you be able to? These athletes don't have time to work - they are either practicing, competing, going to classes or studying. Any cash on the side is most likely coming from their families or on loan from a credit card company.
  14. All I can say is that I think you are jumping to extremes. The first extreme was that colleges will be able to play for athletes and now its: there will be no NCAA. If that's what happens then I can't argue with you, but there's no real indication that's where this is all going to lead. Especially because the law specifically says that colleges STILL can't pay for kids and they are working DIRECTLY with the NCAA to put together the final details.
  15. I think that would be the right thing to do, but like most things i'm sure that'd get complicated. And while I think that having schools and/or the NCAA paying athletes who generate revenue for them is fair - it could potentially hurt the entire landscape of college athletics. There's a fine line that can't be crossed. The downside of having schools or the NCAA (who's non for profit money gets filtered to schools) being involved with any type of athlete compensations is that it would kill off non-revenue sports. In the end you are forcing an expense on athletic departments that they never have had to pay or decrease the funding they receive from the NCAA. This may be fine for schools with athletic departments that are strong financially (mainly football schools), it'd cause smaller athletic departments to make cuts. This is why I like the CA law. Because rather than focus on the schools/NCAA to compensate athletes, it's letting third party companies do so. No money is taken directly from college athletics, which allows athletic department budgets to remain in tact. I suppose that it could put a small dent in the NCAA's earning potential because they'd now be competing with their own athletes for endorsement dollars, but it's the best compromise that I've seen laid out on the table - IMO.
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