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  1. tdhoosier

    Indiana at Michigan St game thread

    How do you call a timeout when you don’t have possession?
  2. tdhoosier

    Rutgers Game Thread

    Maybe if we’re lucky and all are bigs get in foul trouble we might see Race out there.
  3. tdhoosier

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    The post wasn’t directed at you - just posts I’ve been seeing in game threads/chats. That said, I do think we’d have 3-4 more losses without him. It was more towards the general attitude of: “Romeo can’t shoot the 3 so he’s not ready for the NBA”. Ill just say, if I’m Romeo and need to work on my 3 point shot; I’m going to work on it in the NBA because the current IU staff has not shown that they can improve shooting. Not saying Archie can’t develop shooters in the future, but he hasn’t proven it yet. With his career on the line, IMO, I’d make a decision based on the evidence that is currently on the table and run to the NBA Being that this is the most glaring weakness in Romeos game, even if he falls out of the lottery, I still think he’s going pro.
  4. tdhoosier

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    It seems some people are saying Romeo is not ready for the NBA or projecting hope that he’ll stay for another year - please - for your own sanity - just stop before you rile yourself up and get disappointed this spring when you find out he’s not coming back. I understand he’s not shooting the 3 at a high clip, but what we as fans seem to overlook every time we we have an NBA caliber player with a flaw or 2 in his game, is that these guy can develop in the NBA! It’s not like their development stops when they leave college. And Archie sure has not shown he can develop shooters Romeo already has all the skills NBA teams want. He’s strong, athletic, can get his own shot, can get to the rim, has an amazing touch around the rim and has a high b-ball IQ. Yes, his 3 needs some work but he has good shooting form - it will fall Im more concerned our offense and lack of shooting is disguising how great he can be. Heck, give us ONE legit shooter to spread out the floor and he is that much better. I’m concerned about other high level prospects looking at our offense, lack of spacing, lack of flow and Archie’s inability (so far) to develop shooters and second guessing their interest in our program. Im still pro Archie but it seems like he’s unintentionally cursing shooters’ confidence. Fitzner now. RoJo last year. Free throws in general. Something is not right and I hope he has a plan to fix it.
  5. tdhoosier

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    It just hurts. Momentum killer #1: smith trying to make a highlight dunk off the inbounds rather than simply putting the ball in the hoop. Momentum killer #2: Morgan making a horrible foul WAY out on the perimeter with 4 seconds left on the shot clock. I want to ask why they can’t play the whole game with the the effort they showed in the last 5 minutes? And I wish I could say it’s because they don’t have enough heart - this is the easy answer, but the reality is we only have 5 decent players on this team and no bench. Injuries have killed us and I’m afraid we aren’t going to Recover from it this year. It just hurts.
  6. tdhoosier

    IU at Michigan POST GAME

    One of these days their in ability to start the game was going to catch up with them. Today was that day. Glad they put up a fight.
  7. tdhoosier

    IU at Michigan Game Thread

    So stupid that you can’t get 6 fouls in CBB. Not just saying this in the heat of the moment, always have though it.
  8. tdhoosier

    Michigan Pregame Thread

    Such a dilemma. The Bears are on at the same time as IU; normally IU gets precedence but it’s the playoffs! Do I flip back and fourth? Im not sure if I could handle DVRing either one. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Why sports gods, WHY?!?!?! (....First world problems)
  9. Maybe because I’m a jaded Bulls fan, I think UCLA can do better than Hoiberg. He had a couple good seasons in Ames, what else? Seems too big of a risk for UCLA. Plus, when it comes to coaching defense, he’s a poor man’s Crean. ....yes, you heard that right.
  10. tdhoosier

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I love how we won. I love how we are getting valuable experience in close games. But holy ballz, I can’t take another one of these games. These guys better learn to start these games better; not all of them will end like this.
  11. tdhoosier

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    Well, at least he’s right about UK.
  12. tdhoosier

    Duke Game Thread

    1 step forward. 3 steps back.
  13. tdhoosier

    Arkansas post game

    It’s going to be hard to beat us. I will say that. Arkansas is not a bad team and they’re tough to beat at home. It’s the equivalent to losing against Minny on the road. That last call of the game is honestly one of the worst calls I’ve seen in a while. Barely had possession, last seconds of game, you can’t can’t get ticky tack. That was straight up BS.
  14. tdhoosier

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    Absolutely HORRIBLE call.
  15. tdhoosier

    Marquette at Indiana Game Thread

    Al is doing a great job defensively on Howard. Staying in front of him really well.