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  1. Just clearing up that according to many Cross is still a high priority - even after the 2 latest commits. This is part of the plan and CAM believes they can play together and that Cross can play some 4. My understanding is that (primarily) Leal is the shooter, Galloway likes to attack the rim and Cross is the banger. All like have good BB IQs and have some grit. Their skills may overlap but each have a unique role they can fill.
  2. And because you didn't want too many cups around (in case the Dean stopped by) we had to take our Margaritas upside down. The humanity!
  3. Hate to say it, but Scott is right. I remember the last time this went down. Revisit around page 60 of the Watford to LSU thread. @btownqb got it from all sides just saying speculation is not proof, but that was when the speculation that surrounded Duke. Now that it surrounds IU, the tone is a bit different.
  4. I heard kegs aren't allowed in Assembly Hall so like the frats they are going to haul in truck loads of canned Natty Light.
  5. So, you're saying the new assistant is Mark Cuban?
  6. Which assistant had Nebraska and Michigan last year?!? haha. Maybe that's why Schilling is gone. 🤫
  7. I guess, just somebody who is an all-arounder. If I had to choose - I'd want more of an offensive minded coach though. But before all that I want somebody who's really good at player development - specifically shooting. If we continue this recruiting method (and minimal transfers) we will need our players to improve and be ready to contribute major minutes as juniors. CAM is defense first and we are improving in that aspect. Although our weakness was offense last year, despite the lazy screens and occasional standing around, to my untrained eye the schemes didn't look bad. We got a LOT of open shots last year - we just couldn't make them. Hence, player development and shooting.
  8. My thought process is changing. I keep on listening to those interviews w/ past Knight players on Hoosier Hysterics and am reminded how coaching and game planning outweigh talent. All of them in some form of another said Knight built his teams like getting parts for a car - and that one special person to drive the car (Isaiah, Cheaney, Guyton, etc.). It appears to me so far that CAM is taking a somewhat similar approach. The way CAM seems to be structuring his recruiting classes is prioritizing solid instate kids with special skill sets and then going after a homerun. It's panned out so far - we appear to be doing well on that front. Caveat 1: I know CAM is not Bobby Knight and Caveat 2: I'm not saying (major) talent isn't important, but if you have a really good/smart coach and staff it's less crucial. That said, I really hope we aren't hiring a coach to just bring in a recruit or two. I'm hoping he's going after an assistant with a knack for player development and game preparation so we can build that solid foundation that's ready for a special player to step into. I know some may disagree with me and say that this assistant needs to be a recruiting God and I respect that. And I'd agree if our coach were somebody different. (like Crean, who needed talent to succeed). But based on CAM's actions thus far - I just don't see him going that way. I see him as a 'system' coach and is looking for guys (players and coaches) to buy into and build his vision.
  9. this has gotten ridiculous. And I would like to voice that I think IndyResident got unfairly called out earlier. This whole thread reminds me when I got into my cousin who's a smoker because he claimed that his life expectancy wasn't at risk to decline. His reasoning: his grandma smoked her entire life and she died at 89.
  10. I think we're spinning ourselves in circles. The easiest and clearest explanation is when Bgleas said: (generally) the players who stay aren't good enough to leave early. AND to get those players you need to have good player development and a system they can thrive in. I think we (myself included) tend to whip ourselves into a frenzy debating who we should recruit. I think our success all falls on CAM - the head coach is so important in college basketball. I could care less about how many stars are listed after their name; I want him to recruit players that will help him win and not transfer so we can finally have the semblance of some stability for the first time in forever. If that means getting the occasional OAD then sign them up. BUT I think the focus should be on how good of a coach Archie will prove to be? Will he be like Tom Crean and need talent to thrive (where OAD's will be more crucial to our success)? Or will he be like Bob Knight and be able to recruit a bunch of less talented parts with specific skills to make a strong whole? I really hope he is a good enough coach for it to be the latter, because IMO, the Crean method is a lot harder to sustain. Bottom line though.......I just want to f%&*ing win.
  11. That was deep, bro. I'm almost 40 - so not young. I'm nostalgic about the 90's, miss grunge music and hemp necklaces (thank God Birkenstocks have come back). I'm not sure 'deride' is the correct word - because I don't see much 'deriding' on here. It's more like accepting the new reality change has brought (good or bad). When 'change' has changed factors we use to solve a problem, we can't always rely on the past's solutions to fix a problem. Like the example above about how the NBA's pay scale has adjusted. I don't deride people that long for the days when great players stayed 4 years. I wish it was that way too, but changing factors have made it more desirable for those great player to leave school early. So why waste energy complaining about a situation nostalgia ain't going to fix?
  12. I don't disagree with you and believe this is why the majority of OAD's go to college instead of playing overseas for one year. But it's not like those athletes are like 'give me that exposure over the guaranteed money of a lottery pick.' And let's not act like it's an even trade off. Duke got just as much exposure off of Zion and their unbelievable recruiting class, but the difference is that Duke received all the tangible monetary benefits. These athletes are still more valuable to the teams they are committing to than the other way around. If that wasn't the case they would not be recruited by coaching staffs and ogled at by fans far and wide on social media to come to their school. Again, i'm just saying it's not fair to jump to conclusions and accuse OAD's of 'using' a university because they only decide to stay there for 1 year. (and here I go) This may be just me, but I feel I get a strange feeling that when it comes to athletes (and specifically OADs) there's a strange undertone of superiority over them. That because they are getting money to 'play a game' that somehow their right to capitalize off of their abilities to further themselves is less deserved. You hear language like 'they should be happy with a free year of college', 'they use teams', 'they are just kids', 'they don't deserve it', 'they are just in it for the money', etc. And my question is: in what other walk of life in a capitalistic society are these same messages uttered? Who looks down at Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates for dropping out of Harvard to pursue riches? Why is alright for an executive to negotiate their salary, but not alright for an athlete? ....Sorry that this got off track and inspired a 'Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy' session. And now I'm aiding in derailing a thread that should be devoted to Anthony Leal - so I promise not to post any more on this topic.
  13. I’m on board with the way the wind seems to be blowing. Many 3-4 year players with a chance to add a OAD every year to put them over the top, but if that player isn’t landed, we still have a top 25 team. Really, I just long for the days when at least 40% of the team are upper classmen who know the system That success is dependent on how good of a coach CAM can be. Is he good enough to see the bigger picture and able to find specific role players that match his needs and buy into his culture - guys that work together and win because they are a cohesive unit? Here’s to hoping that Anthony is one of those ‘culture’ guys.
  14. Ha. $50k a year when their value is closer to $3 million a year. ... $50k a year is like working on .001% commission. Not saying I have a solution, but to stay on track and back to my original argument: it’s not fair to say OADs ‘use’ universities. Who’s recruiting who?
  15. Well, the colleges sure benefit from them financially. And the OADs play pretty much for free.
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