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  1. I'd also add that saying tuition is $35k isn't exactly $35k the university is investing in an athlete. That's the "MSRP" if you will. The university's cost for player x's tuition is close to nothing - they are throwing another kid in a classroom. Yes room, books and food cost money to the university and can be seen as an investment being made in an athlete. But the "compensation" of a scholarship being equal to a 'teacher's salary' is greatly distorted.
  2. Not sure what difference that makes if there still are athletes who are on full scholarships in these other sports, and they are allowed to transfer. Why those athletes and not others? It seems if there has to be rule, it should be consistent across the board.
  3. I was just listening to last night's Assembly Call and learned that there are only 5 NCAA sports that have transfer rules. I think it was Women's BBall, Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball. Just an interesting tidbit that I didn't know and wanted to share. The world hasn't ended in the other sports that allow transfers. So, is there harm in at least trying it to see how it goes? Unlike the NLI, which is law, this is only a rule that can be reversed down the line if things get out of control.
  4. The last PSU game Brunk got the fewest minutes of those who played. I love Brunk because the guy works hard and has cool hair, but there's some matchups that he just don't work with him...PSU (w/ Lamar Stevens) seems to be one of those. I agree that it will be interesting to see who starts. I REALLY think RACE needs to be in right away to help set the tempo. But given CAM's history with line-ups I'd be pleasantly shocked to see a change.
  5. Never thought I'd say this but I think PSU is the best team in the B1G right now. I know Maryland is above them in most rankings, but I just like the pressure PSU brings and their toughness. This will be a tough win for sure. I'm really hoping that we see Race establish himself early and that he gets a lot of minutes as a result.
  6. I haven’t seen the numbers yet, but Devonte and Rob shared quite a bit of minutes if I’m remembering it correctly......and they played well together! There’s been a lot of talk of how we need Devonte to show up to win big games. It just seems like we need more than 1 or 2 players to show up to win these crucial games. And by show up, I just mean that they play above average. We need to limit the amount of core players who disappear.
  7. You know how many times I’ve told my friends to STFU? Or worse? Many, because were clowning around. At the end of the game Justin was laughing it up with Trayce. Non-isssue
  8. The ball wont lie. Especially how Minny is shooting free throws. 🤞
  9. I just read TJDs lips. He said: that’s how you do it Justin! 😎
  10. It really doesn't matter because i'm reading that every state enforces non-compete clauses differently. So the hypothetical simply is not possible. And guess who doesn't force any non-compete clauses? California. NLI and now this?? haha. They're going to get all the athletes!
  11. But a college athlete is not an employee because they don't' get paid by the university. Even if they get paid on their NLI; they are not getting paid by the university. Wasn't Wisconsin trying to block a transfer from going to a Big Ten school a few years ago? This couldn't be held up legally. I'm sure a university could put in a non compete clause for a coach. But I'm no lawyer. One side of me says college basketball could be hurt by this because it will be like free agency. Another side of me says if the coaches can come and go as they please then why can't the athlete? We know athletes get promised many things while being recruited. What happens when these promises never come to fruition? What if the coach that recruited them leaves? What if they are homesick? What if they don't get the playing time? Right now, they are forced to lose a year eligibility....I'm not sure that is the right answer. That said, I'm not even sure if there is a 'right' answer. Life is filled with many gray areas....and so are college athletics. (Understatement of the year).
  12. Again we are left with the conundrum of: fair for athletes vs. overall sustainability of a perceived "level playing field" for college basketball.
  13. I never listen to Dakich, but I wanted to hear that Wayne Winston interview, which was great. He confirmed a lot of stuff we all have been talking about. -Don't have Brunk and TJD on the floor at the same time. -Assist numbers are low because we don't drive the lane and kick out - a result of having two bigs in the paint. -We are getting killed on hedges. -Rob and Green on the floor at the same time is not a good combo (at the beginning of the season I was wondering why they didn't play together, but we have been learning why ever since December.) And then I listened to the beginning of the podcast, which just made me shake my head. I know Dakich's reputation of being a know at all, but I thought his show was an extension of his play by play commentary (which I really don't mind). Wow, talk about somebody who is divisive. I guess I'm just a little disappointed of a former player and coach I used to respect. He has the ability to offer insightful analysis but for some reason feels the need to bloody the waters for no good reason. I hate this culture of relentlessly attacking people who don't agree with you. Ironically, when I went to watch Dakich speak at an event about 10 years ago all that he talked about is healthy culture. It seems as he's created a persona and his fed into it while his exposure online and in the media increased. Somewhere along the way it seems he lost himself. ....I'll continue not to listen.
  14. No brainer. The tournament is so unpredictable. The 'best' team going in is rarely the team who wins it all. That has only happened 2 times in the past 10 years. So, IMO, I'd like a team who has a legitimate chance of winning it all every 3 or so years. If there's a proven coach out there that could do that (if we determine CAM isn't our guy) then I'd say sign him up. The problem is, that coach is typically not available and I'm beginning to think it's a pipe dream. Why? We've settled for MUCH less in every coaching search conducted since RMK. Beilein is out there now and meets the criteria. But timing is horrible and the dude is getting old.
  15. Sorry guys. It was my fault; my lucky t-shirt was in the wash.
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