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  1. tdhoosier

    Big Bold Prediction

    Haha. My bad. Must’ve been reading Davis’s state. Still though, that’s a lot of length 1-4.
  2. tdhoosier

    Big Bold Prediction

    I've been hearing/reading some positive news about Jerome Hunter. I also heard this week that he's been practicing with the guards. Which made me think.....my big bold prediction: Assuming Hunter out performs expectations and assuming Green becomes the consistent player we need him to be, look at the length of this line-up: Green - 6'3" Romeo - 6'6" Hunter - 6'7" Smith - 6' 7" Morgan- 6'10" Just imaging the possibility of this group playing in the pack line defense gets me really excited. IF this line-up is good enough to start at some point in the season I think that we'll be in very, very good shape and looking at a 3-4 seed in the tourney.
  3. tdhoosier

    Expectations for Next Year

    I think he’s making a bold prediction, but I won’t be surprised if it happens. It’s Wisconsin; except for last year when they were devastated by injuries they always seem to out perform expectations. Oh yeah....Ethan Happ too...a safe prediction to be B1G POY.
  4. tdhoosier

    Devonte Green

    IMO, a dependable DG is the is the difference between us being good and great next year. Sure we expect RP to step in if needed, but the more we don’t need to rely on RP the better we’ll be. We need RP as our ‘second weapon’, not as our ‘fall back’ point guard.
  5. tdhoosier

    Beilein Interviewing for Pistons Job

    Max still speaks very highly of Beilein and respects him as coach. Not sure if ‘run off’ is the right phrase. I am happy max came our way though...whatever his reasons.
  6. Let’s not act like lapses like that don’t happen in college. Last post on this. In regards to 'lazy', let's remember the NBA's regular season is 82 games that are 48 minutes each. College has around 30 games that are 40 minutes each. It's like comparing a 10k to a marathon. When you are watching a marathon you don't ask: why is the runner not sprinting on mile number 5? So a fair argument would be something like: I'd like to see the NBA shorten their season so I could watch the players play more intensely on the defensive end. NOT all NBA players play lazy defense.
  7. I’d never get upset if somebody says they don’t watch the NBA. To each their own. But I will call somebody out who makes statements like I don’t watch the NBA because: ‘NBA players are lazy’, ‘they don’t know how to play defense’, ‘they don’t know how to play as a team’, ‘the players in the 80s are better than the players are today because they learned the game the right way’, etc. If said person admittedly doesn’t watch NBA then how do they know their blanket statements to be true?
  8. tdhoosier

    Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 25!

    I was being extremely sarcastic. Haha. Should’ve put a smiley.
  9. tdhoosier

    Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 25!

    As far as I’m concerned, let’s stay out of all these preseason rankings and keep this team hungry. Nobody outside of Juwan and Romeo has proved themselves to be a game changer. I want these guys to step up, have a chip on their shoulder and prove their worth. Hashtag Stay hungry. (Did I do that right?) That said, how many times do these columnists need to be burned by Kentucky until they stop ranking them so highly?
  10. Not disputing that Shaq could move his feet....that’s what made him great, but he rarely did run the floor or guarded outside of 15 feet, nor did he need to. I’m not saying he'd be a nobody but he wouldn’t have been as effective for as long. I do believe his career would’ve been shorter, especially the years he struggled with his weight.
  11. Makes you wonder if Shaq would have a similar legacy if he was 15 years younger. Probably not. Crazy to think!
  12. Tim Langford told The Washington Post he didn’t take any pay as team director. I feel like we keep overlooking this. Even though it’d be perfectly legal for him to do so, he claims he didn’t. So he’s guilty of using his kid to create an AAU team other athletes in the area will benefit from, play against better competition and raise their profile. And this is slimy? What am I missing?
  13. Anybody else find it comical that Pitino believes text messages HE released will vindicate him? Like it’s not possible to omit incriminating text messages? 🙄 uh, it’s called the delete button.
  14. If Pitino is telling the truth nothing will happen because he already said that this is perfectly legal. Lets not also forget that after Romeo announced, Tim said that Kansas (an Adidas school) was ruled out because of the imposing FBI investigation. If this was truly a concern then why would he murky the waters with IU.
  15. tdhoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    You’re right. I just get swept up in all the talk of getting TJD, Brooks and Watford, which would only leave one spot open for a guard. We’ll see how it plays out.