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  1. Haha. If expecting someone to hold up to the values you, yourself, do not adhere to is a compliment then I think I finally understand you.
  2. 1. Coaching staffs have a culture within the team culture. Some will have a culture that pushes it further into the grey area or will cross the line. I don’t believe for a second that any of those assistants implicated did so with out a wink and a nod from the head coach. So a valid question should be: what type of coaching culture regarding the rules will Woody create? If it’s a clean culture is he really going to bring people on board that he think will cross him? So you either trust Woody, don’t trust him or think he’s naive. I personally don’t have a reason to not trust him, but I have man
  3. As @Billingsley99 stated above: teaching and doing are completely different things. I was a horrible butterflier when I swam. I had to work at it and do a ton of drills because It didn’t come naturally to me. It was a challenge and one of my slower strokes. But I’m great at coaching it. I have a better bio mechanical knowledge of the stroke because it didn’t come naturally to me. I had to think about it, thus, can explain it and can catch technical flaws easier. Another example: Some big shot lawyer came in from Indy to teach by business law class in college. Sucked at teaching. So much
  4. How does Izzo coach successful bigs?
  5. 😍 at “shooting mechanics expertise”
  6. A company can bribe a player now. But it’s no longer a bribe....it’s an endorsement. Same thing for a booster who owns a business for example. If they want their accounting firm to have a player endorse a kid then fine, but they better make sure their shareholders and employees are on board. Heck, IU is even advertising it’s NIL resources in public....on Twitter. They’re essentially saying ‘come here and you’ll get paid’. Could that be considered a bribe? my point being that it’s a different problem that wouldn’t necessarily facilitate the need for assistants to be runners for agents....
  7. He spoke a little about coaching in different systems, or the difference between systems and what coaches are looking for. For example, he said one coach liked him to go after big (strong/wide 3s). I’d imagine most assistants are versatile and adapt to their head coaches philosophy. I think that’s where experience comes in - experienced assistants know the ins and outs of many systems. Not only for applying to their current teams’ system, but also for game planning against other teams.
  8. Honest question I don’t know the answer to: With NIL going into affect, will this shady underbelly seize to exist in a few years? I know this is more serious, but kinda like the too many text messages thing? I guess what I mean is that it will still be shady, but the appeal of bribes loses it’s luster if CBB players can legitimately earn money through endorsements. Why do something illegally if you can do it legally?
  9. There’s a few episodes and I only watched the first. He didn’t get into specifics about development in that episode. They talked a lot about social media do’s and don’ts’ (which was also really interesting) and started to run out of time.
  10. After boring weekend I’ve been doing some reading up on Coach Ya....enough that I can now call him Coach Ya. Let’s set the whole baggage issue (for which he was cleared) aside for a second. If the guy is hired, he’s not a temporary hire because he may or may not bring Jabari Smith. He has been a D1 - power 5 assistant for many years at Oregon, Georgia and Alabama. This is not an under qualified video coordinator. I posted a link to his podcast a few pages back, which I recommend listening to if you’re on the fence. A good segment to the podcast is devoted to giving advice to r
  11. Saw this shared on BTB and had to pass it on. Really, it’s a great watch. Not only is a it a chance to see Yasir talk about recruiting - it’s interesting to learn about some of the recruiting aspects. Based on the conversation, it doesn’t seem like many staffs are simply ‘telling kids what they want to hear’ - I think that’s a narrative fans build up to to detract blame for when their school doesn’t land a recruit.
  12. Or maybe Larry is waiting on Woody. https://www.wdrb.com/sports/bozich-larry-brown-explains-why-mike-woodson-is-right-coach-for-indiana---/article_4198e4c4-97bb-11eb-991b-4ffe5a6273ff.html?fbclid=IwAR2bQBP-E3g4be-B8sf74eCW45bxyzVzgcR5pGoulp5Bli75X2a0F5i2FNA
  13. All is fair in love and war....and recruiting? Same thing happened with Eric Gordon. You’re supposed to be pumping sunshine not rain clouds @FKIM01! 😎
  14. Sorry if I’m missing the code....or not connecting the dots. Speculation is that if we hire Yasir then he may possibly try to convince Jabari Smith from de-committing from Auburn and commit to us? Or is it another player he may bring? Is this actual chatter or a ‘hypothetical that’d be really cool, but not realistic’?
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