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  1. Reacher, all due respect, here are some links you've posted in the last few pages. primarydoctor.org alec.org justthenews.com covexit.com upi.com alachaucchronicle.com christianpost.com brietbart.com You can't possibly know the trustworthiness of all these random links you find and now you are going to practice sourcing skepticism? At least the NY TImes is big enough to be held up to scrutiny. Not blasting you for sharing info/data, but come on.....pot meet kettle?
  2. This is the study I keep seeing other news outlets like CBS and The HIll report on: https://wellbeingtrust.org/areas-of-focus/policy-and-advocacy/reports/projected-deaths-of-despair-during-covid-19/ This is modeling, so to be taken with a grain of salt as it ranges from 27k to 150k additional deaths of despair through 2029. Whether we did or didn't lock down, I still think the economic effects and fear would been devastating. And the longer it takes to get it under under control, the economic effects, fear and DoD's will continue. It's impossible to figure out, but the question also needs to be asked how many lives have been saved by the measures the country has taken vs. excessive deaths that are a direct result of such measures. I'm not minimizing excessive deaths, but if 10 lives are being saved for every 1 additional death of despair over the median, then we do have a pretty substantial net gain in life. Again, I just completely made up that ratio, but I think it's a reasonable question to ask. Just thinking out loud as there are no right answers. It's a shitty situation all around.
  3. If we could only take him in a time machine back to 2012.
  4. i'd lobby for the Kid N Play foot tap. ...or at the very minimum a bow and fist bump.
  5. I was talking to an airline pilot this weekend and (separately) my parents neighbor who works for a parts supplier in the airline industry...there's some big obstacles on the horizon. Bottom line is planes need to be flown and right now many of them are parked. While parked rust settles, parts go bad, hinges lose lubrication, etc. You simply can't fly a plane that has been parked for a month; it's horribly unsafe. Thus, when travel picks up airlines are fearing that they won't be able to meet demand. The neighbor who works for a parts supplier said that his company has been contracted to increase production of the replacement parts that will inevitably be needed. However, they are refusing to do so because the airlines can't pay them up front and the suppliers simply can't afford to hold inventory for an undetermined amount of time. Basically what he thinks this means is....suppliers are going to wait on a federal bailout because it's guaranteed payment.
  6. @CoachSS, just because I'm bro-crushing on him right now, what are your thoughts on Mike Miller? Complete pipe dream? Possible but not likely? Do you think he'd fit in? Are there other candidates you have in mind that fit your criteria? Not holding your feet to the fire....just wondering if there's anybody you potentially like that would fit the bill?
  7. Sure, it's a bit of a pipe dream. But if Mike Miller is on our list then maybe. *And by 'our list', I really only mean mine and a few others with some very rosey colored glasses on. haha.
  8. A lot of names here: Impactful High Major Assistant Coaches in Division 1 Men's Basketball
  9. Well it only derailed 2.5 pages of this thread. That’s what posts that flirt the ‘political line’ do. The mods seem to be doing a fair job IMO. If you have a beef with them, why don’t you PM them instead of derailing the thread even more? Let’s talk some candidates instead.
  10. It’s not a requirement, it’s an added advantage if the particular candidate meets the qualifications Archie is looking for. Is it easy enough to look at it that way without making a big deal out of it?
  11. Yeah, I think his value to the program would over-ride his son’s. If that creates a bad perception, then boohoo for the other programs perceiving it that way. Not mine or Arhie’s problem they’re ‘sore’.
  12. And an added bonus? He can humble the kids.
  13. I’ll put 4 to 1 odds on a candidate that never gets mentioned in this thread. 😎 That said I’m very intrigued about Mike Miller although I have no idea how possible that is. Whether he brings his son or not.
  14. I got it here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/state-bailouts-federal-spending-give-receive/ there’s also: https://www.businessinsider.com/federal-taxes-federal-services-difference-by-state-2019-1?amp never heard of Wallethub.com before. edit/add: I’m relooking at that table and it looks like #1 means the most dependent. So the lower the state is, the less dependent they are on the federal government? That seems to add up a little closer to the info in the links I posted.
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