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  1. I have no distinct evidence to support this, but my thinking is that there's only one way to mitigate spread until a vaccine comes along and that's human behavior. And nothing changes your behavior like a good scare.
  2. I’m sure this gets around the political rule. I remarkably understood this version better than the original
  3. I think he did a good job pointing out Purdue's selling points but left out some pretty critical IU points, which i think will ultimately be the deciding factor: TK's comfort with the coaching staff, and more importantly, the players. High up on TK's priorities list was a good relationship with the players. He's good buddies with Galloway and Leal. And he got the opportunity to play alongside and really gel with Logan Duncomb when they dominated Furst. With 'insiders' on both sides being somewhat confident, I gotta think some false info was floated out there to keep the media from spoili
  4. Didn’t a publication only have him make the 2nd all B1G team? Does that mean the All-America first team is all from the B1G?
  5. https://health.usnews.com/wellness/articles/2016-08-02/flossing-doesnt-actually-work-investigation-concludes JK. Although I wish this to be true, i'm going to go with many of the other studies that say the contrary. It's not only COVID that gets the conflicting studies. haha.
  6. The night before a dentist appointment so I can get complimented on what a great flossing job I do.
  7. There's this article from June, but I'm sure data has changed. It actually shows there has been an increase in deaths outside of COVID. As we've spoke about numerous times in the past, COVID doesn't account for all the excessive deaths (above normal this year); per this article it's only 68%. And I'm sure it has changed since then, just don't have time to go find it. It's extremely frustrating. A wonder why nobody can get onto the same page. It's hard. All that I can do is black ball any news source, internet group, etc. that manufactures or shares blatantly false information and doc
  8. This fake graph was posted months ago. Somebody cleaned it up a little to make it look like a 12 year old didn't create the graphic, but still fake. Nowhere is this data posted in the link supplied or on the CDC website. Where did you get this?
  9. I thought you were joking. Did you have insider info on that onside kick?
  10. Revisiting this: which Freshman outside of Lander will contribute. In listening to interviews and podcasts, it sounds like Galloway is going to challenge some guys for playing time. I have a feeling we’re going to like this kid. I hope he brings some grit to this team.
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