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  1. Of those, If….. we lose 1 or less, we are over achieving and heading into B1G play ranked in the top ten. we lose 2, we are who we thought we were. we lose 3, we would slightly be underachieving, but the sky won’t be falling. we lose 4, possible meltdown mode.
  2. We are in the strange position in all of this. The Big Ten can't 'get caught watching the paint dry' while all this movement is going on....so they really have to make this move. It's good for the conference, but is it good for us in the long, long run? Basketball revenue is pocket change compared to football revenue.
  3. As, I said, I’d just like to see some good evidence of your claim. something a little more concrete than whatever your perception is. And see @IUFLA’s comment above. Playing through injuries doesn’t mean that they don’t happen. There’s a lot more money in pro sports. The practice of being extra cautious are owner’s protecting their investment and players protecting their value.
  4. It’s like saying concussions happened less back in the day because there are less reported cases.
  5. I said prevents muscle imbalances and decreases risk of injury. That said everybody has muscle imbalances and injuries will happen. I’d like to see some evidence of your last claim.
  6. Cross training (yoga, swimming, primal movements in sand pits, etc.) is very important because it prevents muscle imbalances. Athletes in every sport perform repeated movements unique to the sport they are competing in. This creates muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances create injuries. While swimming may not improve their shooting performance, it will increase the chances they’ll be healthy enough to be in games, injury free, so they can shoot the ball. Not to mention, cross-training improves agility so they can stay in front of their opponents defensively. Balance so they can finish after contact. Core strength so they don’t get knocked off of their position, Etc., etc. However, if NCAA basketball consisted only of playing H-O-R-S-E, you’d have an outstanding point. Dude, just let them tweet fun videos to get fans who aren’t as crazy as us excited about this team.
  7. I do gotta say, If we ever do an 'album closers' theme - Purple Rain would be awfully enticing to pick. What an album! Front to back.
  8. Also, Pink Floyd - In the Flesh, but that's almost too easy.
  9. Oh man, Stranglehold is a good one - I didn't think of that one. 'Rocks Off' was one of my back-ups.
  10. Haha. oops. Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
  11. I know I'm a dork and talk about my music league a lot, but this week everybody had to submit: Intros - a first track that opens up an album brilliantly. I went with Let's Go Crazy by Prince. A lot of other good songs were picked: U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name, Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight, Jimi Hendrix - Purple Rain, Bruce Spingsteen - Thunder Road, Weezer - My Name is Jonas, Killers - Jenny Was a Friend of mine. Anybody else have any favorite iconic intros to throw out there in this slow off-season?
  12. I've been into reading a lot lately (I go through stages). Right now I'm on the last book of the Gibson Vaughn series , which is some easy reading action based fiction. Fun books that are free on Kindle unlimited if you have it. After I get through this last one I'm going to switch back to non-fiction and dive into the Dave Grohl book I got for Father's day.
  13. Hoping the Bulls trade the pick. No Liddell, please.
  14. I just got home and was surprised he slipped to 3. When all is said and done, I think he’s going to be the best player to come out of this draft.
  15. Not sure if you want to tell him this, but I'm sure they'll have some used ones on reverb.com.
  16. I just think we need a standard gif when 2 posters go off the rails, whether they are from our fanbase or not.
  17. MBF definitely took some adjusting for me. It sounds bad, but it took a few weeks to adjust to all that jump roping (but I’m not a runner). You should really check out 645 at some point. There’s a lot of strength training but it’s more functional strength training. I’ve had BB for 2.5 years and have done quite a few programs - this one makes my body feel the best. I still get the muscle burn, but without the joint soreness. If anything my joints are getting healthier. At the beginning I had a hard time doing side lunges because of my knee soreness. Now, I actually look forward to the exercise. And if you really want to feel like an idiot do one of those barre classes. Holy Crap, I hate the instructor (she’s honestly the worst) but sweat pours off me.
  18. Was this study done by the people who said that drinking a few beers a week is good for you?
  19. I love the Beach Bodies program. Right now I’m doing 645, which is isn’t especially hard, but there a lot of focus on mobility and stability. I’m almost finished with the 12 week program and it has really opened my hips up, which in turn has relieved some lower back pain. So far my favorite pure strength training one has been Lift4.
  20. Weirdly, the safer my vehicle gets the more my insurance goes up too. The safety probably does a good job of reducing bigger/more dangerous crashes, but if you get in a minor fender bender it is expensive to fix! Think about what’s in your bumpers now - all the radar and tech to trigger that emergency breaking system.
  21. I was introduced to Colin Hay via the Garden State soundtrack (Zach Braff is obviously a fan), which is probably my favorite soundtrack of all time. A must listen. The Shins pretty much owe their career to that movie.
  22. Watched that Hustle movie on Netflix yesterday with Adam Sandler and it was a really good basketball movie. A ton of cameos and even basketball players did some acting. Kenny Smith and Anthony Edwards were not that bad of actors!
  23. It was a sad songs week in my music league. Somebody chose Colin Hay’s - I just Don’t Think I’ll Get Over You. After all this time thinking the song was about a girl, I just learned that he wrote it about his struggle with alcoholism. Takes on a new meaning. …..Still a classic I drink good coffee every morning It comes from a place that's far away And when I'm done I feel like talking Without you here there is less to say Don't want you thinking I'm unhappy What is closer to the truth Is that if I lived till I was a hundred and two I just don't think I'll ever get over you I'm no longer moved to drink strong whiskey I shook the hand of time and I knew that if I lived till I could no longer climb my stairs I just don't think I'll ever get over you Your face it dances and it haunts me your laughter is still ringing in my ears I still find pieces of your presence here even after all these years I don't want you thinking that i don't get asked to dinner cause I'm here to say that I sometimes do and even though I may seem to feel a touch of love I just don't think I'll ever get over you if I live till I was a hundred and two I just don't think I'll ever get over you
  24. While I think the Illini will take a step back this year and while i think that Underwood is not top tier coach, I do think that he is a good coach. He has out performed expectations these last couple of years. I got torn apart last year when I picked them in the second tier and the narrative here was that they'll be nothing without Ayo, they're assistants are gone, they have too much turnover, etc. - they ended up tied for first. I know we love to hate on the Illini (me too), but Underwood has adapted to a defense that's a better fit in this league. And when they played us the first time a scout apparently said something like: "If I knew nothing before walking into this game I would've picked Underwood as the guy who coached in the NBA." The guy is not as bad as some are making him out to be.....all coaches have bad games and bad match-ups in the tournament. He did finish top 2 in the conference in the last two years. Many of us would give our left testicle for that success.
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