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  1. Maybe I should've been more clear, spun in the sense of criticizing the overall emissions of electric cars. I do believe that oil companies have no place for moral superiority regarding the Congo though. And you aren't looking at the post I made prior to the one you are quoting. I said: "Not saying that the destabilization of Congo doesn't matter because it does." "However at the same time, we can still press companies like Tesla to do a better job."
  2. I wasn't being dismissive. Read my post 2 above that one.
  3. Also, haven't see it on here, but if Johnson and Johnson's vaccine is granted emergency approval, that's another 100 million doses that will hit in April. And that's a one-dose vaccine, so all 100 million people who receive it will be fully vaccinated. Great news.
  4. Definitely true, but my main point being that we shouldn't be subsidizing these industries. It won't be overnight, but as electric car production increases and oil demand/prices go down, they'll be grasping at and dispensing any spun narrative to discredit these new technologies. Do they really want to talk about the pillaging of natural resources and pollution? It's all a diversion to try and slow innovation in their financial interests.
  5. I certainly hope so. And I hope that UK variant doesn't take off, because that will be yet another set back. Hopefully we can get those vaccinated ramped up quickly. I've been reading that 100,000,000 vaccines in 100 days may sound lofty but we should be able to succeed that if we can get our act together with more vaccination sites and vaccinators. Hopefully by March it should be 100,000,000 a month. Fingers crossed.
  6. Not saying that the destabilization of Congo doesn't matter because it does. However, I do find interesting the critical narrative of batteries: "they are not as green as you may think." It's true but it it still is better overall than gas powered engines. When you look at the alternative of gas powered engines, there are many factors to weigh. Look what oil did to the destabilization of the middle east and it's not like manufacturing emissions are non-existent for gas powered vehicles, let alone the emissions expelled in their daily use. It's important to look at the big picture, which i
  7. Just saying, I would’ve been pissed At HUnter if he didn’t make those shots. I thought CAM was going to take him out even though he made them....still may after that horrible d.
  8. Being an IU fan, and knowing how this tournament has historically been the equivalent to a swift kick in the marbles, this is an excellent idea.
  9. I have 2 friends that had the same side effects with the Pfizer vaccine. Totally fine now, but a rough night. My wife gets her second vaccine next weekend and is taking Monday off just in case.
  10. After last night....maybe he will now. That's why his play last night was so important; it gives CAM a reason to play him more minutes, which gives us a little more diversity. Plus, it may be nice to not have 2 post players crowding the lane.
  11. Agree. We were successful in not allowing to get comfortable because starting around the second half we started to close out with purpose and put a lot of pressure on the ball handlers. We also did a good job at disguising our help on Garza, which is what started to throw him off. (Rob came out of nowhere to rip the ball out of Garza’s hands on that one play....that was awesome) However, the announcer had a good point about the pack line last night. Allowing shooters to catch the ball comfortably goes a long way for their shooting confidence. Teams shooting well against us in B1G play is
  12. I was a little surprised when he was pulled out after that good stretch to put in Race. Maybe he was tired. Regardless, the decision didn’t back fire, but I just thought CAM was going to run with that line up as long as possible because it was keeping Race and Trayce, who both had 4 fouls, on the bench.
  13. Cancel or not....he is in the unique position where the most important job is to lead other people's children into professional life. Like it or not character matters to parents of a recruit. At least he apologized for it.....10 years later. I wouldn't want my kid to play for him, that's just my opinion. I don't think i'd be alone in that matter. I'm not saying he should be 'cancelled' or not be allowed to coach. I'm saying I don't want that cloud over our programs head and I'd have a hard time rooting for the guy.
  14. If I'm remembering the right shot.....that was actually a really good attempt. A little early in the shot clock but he was wide open. We want Jerome taking that shot.
  15. Another thing I forgot to mention. I think the most important play of the game was the corner 3 that brought are lead up to 5. (Can’t remember if it was Rob or Armaan) These last few weeks it seems like every time IU gets the lead in a competitive game they can’t capitalize on it. They can never get that shot in to extend the lead after they take it.....the dagger that kills the other team’s confidence. It looked like Iowa called it in mentally after that shot went down.
  16. I said at the beginning of the season that the most important player on this team was Rob. And I’m still sticking to that. When Rob plays confident and aggressive we are a different team. In addition to that.... I’m glad we got a glimpse of Geronimo can do. I don’t expect it on a nightly basis but hopefully he turned a corner. I’m glad Race just BATTLED last night. Garza looked like he had enough; it looked like he wanted to go to bed in the final minutes of the game and call it a night. I’m glad Al hounded Bohannon. Still drives me crazy with some of his ‘passes to nobo
  17. Our guards need to crash the boards when Race and Trayce are IN THE GAME. They really stepped up and need to match that intensity and aggression on a consistent basis.
  18. Okay Fran, now you’re just being a dick.
  19. Is it strange that they are rebounding better with this smaller line up. Crashing the boards!
  20. I swear, every time we get a stop we don’t score on the other end.
  21. I think they were still pissed about the Wisconsin game.
  22. I feel like we just can’t capitalize on the few stops we are getting tonight.
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