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  1. Poster said Miller did damage to his reputation this year. Strongly disagree. Been watching Archie Miller's teams for years, including at Dayton. I know and others who are in the know know...it is about the guards. Unfortunately Rob and Al have not gotten going consistently this season... If fans cannot see that then that is telling. It then can be blamed on development. Of Rob? Of Al? Yeah, right. He really needs that PG to be among the top in the B1G. It can be blamed on recruiting. Maybe... But damage his reputation. No. Shooting...yeah, they suck. TJD d
  2. I think that Archie Miller will be back next year. Only way he wouldn't be back is if a donor or donors are found to make the buyout(s) happen and if there is a great alternative head coach available. Wins are not the only criteria by which this coach or any coach may be evaluated. Certainly, the whole body of work when looking at wins and losses is bad for IU and Archie. So I would not be surprised if there is a change. I actually can see the team being lots better next year given a few positives. We all know what they are. The AD likely is not ready to pull the trigger o
  3. I believe in miracles. Next year, with 2 more grad transfers, shooters start to hit, plays are made, Lander becomes a stud, TJD finishes every shot, pack line extends and contests every 3. Dakich quits and joins a cult then takes over as head coach of Purdue. Referees up in Wisconsin only call UW for fouls. OSU gets hammered by the NCAA for Gym Jordan etc. Izzo quits. Michigan basketball is only as good as their football. IU competes for the top of the B1G. Goes to the Elite 8 and the sky is the limit. Banner time? You heard it first here. I never lie...and I always tell the truth.
  4. I was not posting on this board back when Archie Miller was hired. But, did post a bit on two others. Have lived in Dayton since 1982. The Dayton area supports the University of Dayton basketball team. It is a big deal. Archie Miller took over there from Brian Gregory. Gregory left Dayton much like Crean left Indiana...recruiting for both had fallen off significantly and they both were not good fits. Archie Miller then got lucky and did a good job with UD and he fit. The players all shared the ball and got along fairly well. They helped each other. Archie Miller had recruited
  5. Here is one summary about the matter. Being in Dayton for the last 35 years, I do remember a little about the incidents.Dyshawn Pierre suspended over sexual assault allegation (larrybrownsports.com) Seemed to be handled by the University of Dayton and by Archie Miller as the issues should have been handled. Fred Glass trusts Archie Miller's decision making off the court (indypressfoundation.org)
  6. We had reservations at the lodge in Letchworth State Park but the pandemic happened. We love chasing waterfalls. From the trickles in San Diego to the St. Lawrence and Niagara. If ever in Mid TN check out Fall Creek Falls State Park when it is wet. Black River Falls in NE WV is fun. Got a job offer from the Army Corp of Engineers when I graduated from UW-M. Really fascinated by the navigation and earthworks and IntraCoastal Waterways. But accepted a job in Dayton OH...in water. Then transferred to Aviation...Dayton International Airport. Wife really was not excited about Mobile AL..
  7. I was in the Navy. Based in Groton CT. Road trips from there to Misquamicut RI, Newport RI, Cape Cod, Boston, NYC, Albany NY, Seaside Hts NJ, etc. Learned to snow ski at Okemo and Killington VT. Check out the coast of Maine and the history of whaling in RI. Bushkill Falls along the Delaware River is cool. Burlington VT is great. Montreal is fun. 1000 Islands is underrated. Years ago, walked and window shopped from Wall Street to Central Park...was staying with a friend in Soho. Got excused from a bar in NYC after a St. Patrick's Day Parade.
  8. This Friday we are driving 2 days to Estero Beach FL. Gotta VRBO overlooking the beach. Pool, beer, beach, beer, kayaking, beer, balcony, wine, Topper's Rhum, restaurants outside, beer on tap, short stroll on the beach to a bar on the beach, beer on tap. Rinse, repeat. Then to near John's Pass near St. Petersburg. Sharing a condo with another couple. On the beach in search of the perfect day. Definitely Reds Spring Training! Had appointments changed for my first shot. Weather delayed it. Bummer. Really wanted my first shot before going on vacation. Late summer we are thin
  9. IU by10 74 IU 64 Rutgers...just because.
  10. Worked very close with Air Traffic when doing Noise Studies and Capacity Studies back when Dayton had Emery Air and USAir hubs. Was unbelievable and enlightening about the windows in the sky that jets flew into and out of. Due to cargo ops up and down the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys...the radars bloom at night.
  11. Live in Dayton city limits...far northeast...north of the Air Force Museum. Worked as Chief of Engineering and Planning at Dayton International Airport. Best friend and I hit OSU vs IU here and there...in football and in basketball. UD basketball is a hoot. Wright State is fine and is cheap and one can get in anytime. The Crystal Pistol is long gone...Wavebid > Lot Details There is a band called Crystal Pistol. Tempus Fugit.
  12. I live in Ohio. Like Indiana they are significantly reactionary here. The worship OSU. Makes me ill. I haven't touched rope since...well almost not since college. Liked it too much. Had to clean myself up so my memory and motivation came back. Got myself together. But now I yearn for IU basketball to win each and every game. Archie Miller needs more time. Made some recruiting errors. Had bad luck with guards and OAD. Give him a long chance. He really is something else given a good PG. Beat Rutgers. Ever been there? The campus is worse than W. Freakin Laffy. And it i
  13. Some say it's over...Stick a fork in IU and Archie Miller and this team. Over? Did you say 'over'? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when Kentucky was ahead and then we got the Wat Shot? Was it over when Syracuse was ahead and Keith Smart hit that shot? Was it over when Kent Benson stole the game from Michigan? Hell no!... It ain't over. What the heck happened to the Indiana fans I used to know? Where's the spirit? Where's the guts, huh? This could be the greatest night of our lives, but you're gonna let it be the worst. 'Ooh, we're afraid to go with you we might
  14. I want Indiana University basketball to be Indiana University basketball...competing yearly at the top of the Big Ten. Making deep runs into the NCAAT. I believe that Archie Miller is a good coach that is growing. I also think that the basketball gods have put a hex on certain players at Indiana over the last couple of three years. I think that Archie needs more time. But, I do understand that results say that may be in doubt. Furthermore, it is clear to me that because of the buyout and other things that Archie may be here for not only one year but maybe more. This season has not
  15. Archie has to get this team into the NCAAT. I really want him to survive this and for IU to excel. But the PG and guard and lack of shooting are killing IU. But in all of that is basketball IQ. These guys do not get it that one cannot turnover the ball like they do. And they have to put in full effort on defense. And assist each other on offense. Is all that up to the coach? Heck yeah it is. Get some smart (older) players out there. Replace the PG now. Not the coach. Replace the coach and some on the team will transfer. There goes the chance for them to get old again.
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