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  1. Crider going to the draft is surprising, not sure he’ll get drafted.
  2. I think NFL probably has questions on his speed and route running ability right now which is hurting his draft stock. Haven't seen him projected much higher than a 6th/7th rounder. Can't do much about the speed aspect but if he can hone his route running he could become a day 2 or early day 3 pick.
  3. Marcelino Ball will be returning for another year. That's a big one.
  4. I am late but has there been any news on Parker Stewart? Is he going to play at some point this season? We could REALLY use his shooting and general scoring ability.
  5. Penix needs to stay healthy. That seems to be priority #1. Our offense with him in and with him out is night and day.
  6. I don't think Sheridan needs to be fired, he's a young guy who ****** up when it mattered. Learn from it, move on. If the struggles continue, then he needs to go. Our offense was very good with Penix, wasn't the case with Tuttle unfortunately, but I don't think cutting Sheridan is a smart move at this stage.
  7. Secondly, we REALLY miss Penix out there. I drew it up to Wisconsin being a good defense, but it became pretty clear today we have no explosive element without him. Penix was routinely throwing 40 yard bombs on Ohio State and Michigan, but with Tuttle out there.... No explosiveness at all.
  8. Sheridan needs to get it together too though. Literally no reason to go away from the run. It's working, why you'd go away from something that's working to something that hasn't worked all day is beyond me. That play call and Tuttle not knowing when to throw the ball away cost us the game.
  9. Hate to blame Tuttle, but man... How do you take a sack there? One of the most boneheaded plays I can think of in recent memory. All you need to do is throw it forward out of bounds and you're fighting for... what? A 5 yard loss instead of 6? He struggled for most of the game but I don't know how much was his shoulder bothering him.
  10. Big Ten is 2-0 in Bowl Games so far... Hopefully Indiana and Ohio State can make that 4-0.
  11. This is a huge pick-up... Kid is special from a strength and conditioning standpoint. Has a chance to come in and start immediately.
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