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  1. Announcing Oct. 22nd…. would be surprised if this isn’t Indiana Final three of Indiana/Georgia/Vanderbilt
  2. Honestly, if you’re not going to redshirt McCulley you may as well try starting him. none of the other QB’s have been able to have any success. Might as well try him.
  3. You’re basically just saying everybody can’t be worse than last year when half of those teams should absolutely be worse than last year lol
  4. Michigan is a good mix of being very good last year, still bringing back some key contributors, and having a monster class coming in. i see people bringing up Kentucky but Michigan has a lot more coming back than most Kentucky teams do.
  5. Wisconsin is probably worse, I don’t know if they’ll take a huge step back but hard to argue on paper they’re better.
  6. Yeah I’d be surprised if we get anything this week considering how dead quiet it’s been
  7. Hard to not think we are looking like his most likely destination at this point
  8. A lot of it will depend on how the transfers play. Xavier Johnson and Miller Kopp both bring something to the table that we were missing last year, not to mention Parker Stewart finally getting a chance to suit up. Plus Durr/Duncomb gives you size and depth down low behind TJD, something we lacked last season. then you factor in the combination of Tamar Bates and his recruiting ranking + how he looked in the Bahamas and it’s hard not to be excited for what he can bring to the table even as a freshman…. Yeah we lost Armaan and Al, but I think everyone here would greatly before Bates/Kopp/Stewart/Johnson over Durham/Armaan. that’s just the on paper talent, you obviously hope Woodson is an upgrade over Archie from a coaching standpoint and he’d be hard pressed to do worse. Where does that leave us in the Big Ten? Not sure, we have a new coach installing an entirely new system but the Bahamas gave us a head start in implementing said system. I think a top 4 finish is definitely in play, anything below 7 is definitely underachieving relative to our talent.
  9. Let’s hope we can get Clowney first haha
  10. Interesting that 247 lists him as cool on Indiana
  11. Let me clarify that I have no idea how close Rice/Clowney are. But that’s another pressure point that Va Tech is going to be pushing from. Hope we can seal the deal.
  12. I’m not really sure who else you’d blame for not being able to hold onto the football….
  13. Very curious to see how this one goes… quick decision hopefully favors us but Rice has been vocal about wanting to say Clowney.
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