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  1. Question, I’ve seen stats on Bell, but does anyone have before and after stats? I remember that was one of the big things with Deboer, offense improved as soon as he got there
  2. I don’t believe it’s tallied in to the official stats so it’d be 100 PPG
  3. He’s implying we don’t have the money to cut these guys loose and pay their buyouts; so if we want to get rid of them it has to come from Tom’s salary (like the 200k cut he took to get rid of Sheridan)
  4. Yep, my concern lever would be very high if we don’t at least have a couple new starters there
  5. Brought this up in another thread, but does anyone know of any O-Lineman we are looking at? If we want to get back to competing in the Big Ten that’s the number one thing that has to change in my view
  6. We really need some O-Lineman…. Like, badly.
  7. Yeah he was a WR his entire career there, so they absolutely knew each other. Whether those emojis were about Bell is a whole other story, his next tweet tells me it may be something unrelated.
  8. Oh, he was the OC at Maryland the year they went down to like their 4th string QB. Well, he can’t be worse than Sheridan
  9. Happy with the transfers But our biggest weakness is OL/QB, so far no help there
  10. Onto Wisconsin, curious to see if we can steal one
  11. This guy kindve came out of nowhere lol
  12. Curious if we go hard after transfer QB’s. Not sure Penix will be back and i don’t feel particularly strong on Tuttle
  13. Hard to believe we went from giving Stevens essentially a blank check to we have no money
  14. Haven’t watched Virginia much this year, but Armaan Franklin looked rough last night
  15. To be fair, one of those calls was absolutely horrendous.
  16. No excuse for Hiller to stay on staff either with how horrendous our offensive line was either
  17. How many Big Ten teams have 3 all conference level guys this year?
  18. Wasn’t pretty, but with this game coming after Thanksgiving and right before Syracuse it was pretty much a trap game. Thought X and Trayce were outstanding (clearly the top two guys on the team) and thought we got solid minutes from most of our guys, but sheesh Geronimo and Durr were rough. props to Marshall too. That’s a team I would imagine will contend for a bid come march. They’ve got some tough shot makers on that team.
  19. I feel like you hold Lander to a higher standard than other guys for no reason. Did he make mistakes with turnovers? Sure... Go look at Phinisee's offensive production though. It's been horrendous. Lander has been more productive, even accounting for turnovers offensively, and it's not even close. Phinisee might get more time with his defensive abilities in certain match-ups, but thats about it for me.
  20. Offense is sloppy, that needs to be fixed. Way too many fouls too. Really, really good defense, but the defensive rebounding is extremely poor.
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