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  1. Just on the topic of Hiller vs McCullough…. Anyone think Notre Dame would even spend 30 seconds looking at Hiller for a job there? just don’t get this at all.
  2. I mean, I like the defensive changes but that’s not exactly what our weak point was. Our offense was horrendous. The O Line was probably the absolute weakest part of our team.
  3. No, but it’s pretty perplexing we’ve had the most disappointing football season probably in program history and have made one single significant coaching change. Why are we willing to lose McCullough to protect Hiller? What O-Line has Hiller trotted out that’s ever performed above expectation? Our O Line has been consistently worse than what it was under previous coaching. I just don’t get this at all.
  4. That’s sort of avoiding the topic. Yes, it clearly looks like he’s out. If he’s out, it doesn’t mean he’s wrong. if he’s out because he doesn’t think Allen holds coaches accountable….. that’s not a good look at all. Frankly I’d think it’s absurd if we lose McCollough because of Hiller. Give me DM all day over Hiller.
  5. Out of frustration with the lack of changes apparently, not because of what happened last year.
  6. Or it could be Allen…. It’s pretty surprising after last year the sole coaching staff change has been OC…. I mean none of us are on the inside, so who knows, but after such a colossal failure you’d think you’d be trying to change more than we have.
  7. Hopefully it’s an overreaction but…. Let’s just say there are some former guys in the program who were pretty surprised with some decisions this off-season, so it’s not surprising to me if McCullough is perplexed, assuming it’s about who I think it is.
  8. Some rumors floating around that Deland and TA didn’t exactly see eye to eye on some things. Specifically that Allen isn’t being objective in regards to some of the coaches still on staff.
  9. Woodson disagrees. Woodson also won the game, so there’s that.
  10. What’s scary about Michigan is this will easily be one of the most talented teams we play. Not sure what exactly has gone wrong in Ann Arbor, but talent isn’t the issue.
  11. So... I have to guess this visit is gonna leave a positive impression?
  12. Gotta find a way to limit Murray
  13. I hope so but Keegan Murray is a complete stud. Need to find a way to limit him.
  14. Good win but the road has been tough for us. We’ve been in every game, but need to find a way to get over that hump
  15. yep, I actually really like XJ and Galloway on the floor together. I think one of the weak points is XJ is basically our only “shot creator”. Even Phinisee isn’t much of a creator, but when you put Galloway and XJ on there, that’s two guys that can beat their man, get into the paint, and find the open guy.
  16. Would like to see us get back on track from behind the arc in this one. Because sheesh, last couple games have been tough.
  17. Jan 20th is home against Purdue…. Probably couldn’t ask for a better environment for him to see.
  18. That’s probably fair, but I think DJ Matthews can hopefully stretch the field vertically in a way no one else really could for us last year.
  19. Been watching it, do you disagree with him not being the most mobile guy? I never said he’s a complete statue, but if you’re relying on him running around all over the pocket you’re gonna have problems. Mizzou looks like it did a good job of getting him quick and easy throws, something I think we struggled with last year. We’ll see how Bell does with that over Sheridan.
  20. Given Bazelak isn’t the most mobile guy, he might die behind this offensive line.
  21. Is this guy an upgrade over McCulley and Tuttle? Seems like Missouri fans didn’t think much of him
  22. Kind've floored we benched Parker Stewart... He's been lethal from three.
  23. Yeah, hoping we can get him back before the playoffs. Because sheesh, we need some help there.
  24. Receiver is still a big weakness for this team. Outside of Pittman, that group is UGLY. I’d argue it’s definitely the top priority for Ballard next year.
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