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  1. Don’t need any comments from the peanut gallery!
  2. If Sampson was still at IU I dare say we would have at least one more banner hanging in the Hall! IU telling on themselves is just plain stupid. Nobody else does that stupid sh+t. I’m over the goody two shoes nonsense. He is a damn good coach.
  3. Big Mike needs to de-nut Cockburn. I’m talkin about on all fours pukin his guts out! 😂 or better than that put our freshman 7’ in there to do it. He hasn’t done anything else this year! Lol
  4. Lander looked like a high school kid today. Would’ve liked to haven seen Leal some.
  5. After Jones’n all week for bball, that sucked!
  6. What a long week without IU basketball. Hello Saturday! 🤞
  7. Welcome to our house! Your going to have a long flight home.
  8. Gotta love watching pUKe get beat! It’s just one of those enjoyable things in life.
  9. Anybody know why they changed the time for the game tomorrow ?
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