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  1. Whoa, that's good stuff. I'm calling my Mom.
  2. Now that my kids are grown, we go to LV this weekend every year. Last year all around the PH sportbook was unreal during the Virginia game, i'll never forget it. THIS year I failed and listened to some friends that kept telling me NEXT weekend is the one to attend, so we are trying it, leaving a week from today. I'm already regretting it, should be on a plane now.
  3. I don't know why he would decide anything until he attends the evaluations
  4. I don't know...with his ego? I think the only place left for him to conquer is out west for Cal's Showtime. The new 'wizard' that saved another bball blue blood? UCLA has to be attractive to his ego. I would think they have the pockets $$ to get it done from that angle. Can we blow up this rumor? If the internet says it more than 17 times isn't it basically fact? And there is a growing undercurrent of UK fans that loathe the roster turnover. (I know, winning helps erase that) Ha! 'slap fights' that's about right, nothing too intense. And usually over once Dad boxes your ears.
  5. When i was a senior in high school, we were not very good at all. We went to play a very good Oakhill squad late in the year. Our coach decide to throw the four corners at them, and he was very dedicated to that game plan. He told us the ONLY acceptable shot in the first half was a wide open lay up. He benched our point gauge for a qtr for uncorking a baseline 15 ft'er. THE PLAN = try to stay close enough to play hard in 4th qtr to steal a win. Halftime we were down 8 - 2 ..yes, TWO free throws. The place went nuts while we held the ball, I mean nuts like we were peeing at mid court nuts. Since Oakhill was ahead they did not need to press action, i really thought fans were coming out onto the floor to stomp my face. we lost like 28-18. Thankfully we didn't do that again. Worse night ever.
  6. While i can't disagree too much with the above Cal comments, Bluegrass, It does make my eyes burn reading it. You're lucky your keyboard didn't burst into flames typing it! lol
  7. I have cussed a lot this season. **** it, it makes me not throw things, oh AND I don't chant it at my neighbors, just in my man cave.
  8. WE are probably making more out of this than GA fans..He could say he was lighting them on fire and his current fanbase would only care if they landed that 5 star running back. Football school. He might be there forever.
  9. Earlier this season to my (only two) friends I would compare Justin to Troy Williams as a Soph, very good athlete that had trouble shooting, dribbling, passing, breathing, ect.. I remember a LOT of OMG Troy moments, both incredible and incredibly bad. So I have clung to the hope that Justin would maybe make the same marked improvement Troy made, But not to be. The problem seems to be Justin puts in about 20% of the game effort Troy did, and Justin must think he's already improved his game enough. I never remember questioning Troy Williams effort, maybe some of his game decisions. I may be guilty of having memory glossing error, but i do remember Troy as a high motor train wreck with moments of glory. Justin's dribble drive is a TO or charge, every time, period. Please remove it until he can spend weeks doing the Victor ball handling drills. I'm still on board with Archie, I THINK I see what he must be thinking with JS, 'The kid has SOOOOO much potential, if he would just flip on the switch and engage'. I coached for about 20 years, although it was a different species (teenage girls), sometimes they just won't find that switch. You have to move on.
  10. I think the decision is far from made at this moment. I'm sure Romeo and those in his camp are aware of his current 'draft status' and won't worry about it until later. Let's remember how long it took for them to close on his college choice. Do we really think they will be haphazard with his pro future? Why wouldn't he do want most others do, go through the NBA evaluations (like JM did), THEN they can make the best decision about his future knowing a lot more information. Even more info about next years IU team. To think he's a lock currently as a top 5 pick means there are not 4 other players out there currently playing better with equal or better 'potential'..I just don't see that, heck, Duke has 3 alone! I love him to death and would be thrilled if he came back. I just think that decision is still WIDE open. Even more open than before this season started. Just my opinions. I hope he's back, but if he's a high pick, money talks. Is there a chance this decision is what Brooks is waiting on?
  11. Finally, a post that's not suicidal. Based on attitude/effort of play, i can't argue this line up at all. Why in the crap would Gameday go to MSU this year, seems like ANYWHERE would be better.
  12. I hate to bring them up because of who they are, but UK got better mid-season by subtraction. No doubt they have started playing better almost instantly once a bad apple transferred. As for us, I think one problem took care of itself, the rest (I'm not sure who) will shake out or become more obvious as season winds up. It's really hard to understand why/how a kid can turn an opportunity like this into a pout session. But they are kids i suppose. Having raised (survived) 3 teenagers, they do make you want to stab yourself in the face sometimes.
  13. I suppose we shouldn't shut the door completely.. with the way the current team is performing/acting, there might be more spots to fill on the roster next year than we think. lol Even with Brooks/Hunter i wouldn't turn away TW, not that anyone is saying that. plus we couldn't model his nick-name after his brother's ..T-WAT would not work.
  14. They must be wanting him fired too, right? I'm still on board the CAM train..this reminds me of the town mob in the movie Hoosiers. I'm in no way saying we win a state championship this year, but come on, let's give the man a chance to prove himself. A season and a half is not enough time. We can argue and speculate all we want but none of us truly know what goes on with this team in the locker room. And i think we have confirmed that the B10 is pretty darn good this year and looks like is will be in the near future Have faith my friends!
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