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  1. Romeo Langford

    One of my Louisville buddies runs in my office "Hey, great news! Word is Chris Mack has us back in good with Romeo!' Me - 'You're stupid, no he doesn't. Stop talking' Him- 'You're right, but I've got another week to f with your head! That's the only fun I can have now, we're recruiting middle schoolers' I cleaned up the above dialog, a lot, Because we cuss like 11 yr olds that just discovered all those amazing words. But he is right, we have like a week of people getting in our heads..including ourselves!
  2. lol..FarCry5 is what I'm playing now! Fallout, Rainbow6, Assassins Creed, and of course Call of Duty(s)..My daughter bought a new nintendo with a bunch of old games on it. ohh, the memories! She was playing Donkey Kong, she made me watch saying it was payback for all the times i told her she had 'next' when she was little. Thanks, you make me feel better. I generally get a couple hours in a week, usually late night.
  3. Romeo Langford

    I've GOT to go to this event. Even if i don't get inside it will still be cool to be there. Bad night to have a senate debate...Romeo for Senate. AFTER college of course..
  4. Off season workouts

    Dang! Al looks ripped! The guys are doing the work! I seem to remember Yogi beefing up from Fresh to Soph season as well
  5. Thanks to my wife, i still have a home phone. I never talk on it. The only people she talks to on it are her parents, or a telemarketer if she picks up to quick (caller ID). Whenever it rings i just hand it to her saying 'It's 1998 calling'. I admit i'm in my 50's and still love playing some video games. When my wife complains about my Xbox fees I call her on her cell to remind her of the wasteful home phone fee. She doesn't listen but at least it makes me feel better. Oh and, we pay DISH for every movie channel they have i think. (yes, i'm shaming myself)
  6. Romeo Langford

    agree 100% - it would rank worse than the Alexander Illini hat switch, imo. From hero to villain in a matter of seconds.
  7. Morgan declares for NBA draft

    Not going - might help him and the team in the very slightest of ways...I can't really think of any other than time hanging out together or someone to drive the car. Going - would hopefully help set him up for a better LIFE after next season. For all the reasons listed a couple posts up from here. I would go if i was in his shoes, i bet you would too. The only harm in going might be if he has horrendous workouts/showings, i don't think he will.
  8. Morgan declares for NBA draft

    At least we will have another thing to talk about for a while! I was getting worried my obsession would suffer after April 30. He should gather all the info he can. I also hope (and believe) he will be back. Does this maybe make CAMs recent shopping make more sense?
  9. Romeo Langford

    maybe his solid substance is coming from reading this board.
  10. Romeo Langford

    Any mention of location of said announcement?
  11. Romeo Langford

    All nine of them.
  12. decommitted from OSU, now from Syracuse... maybe this is messy. Maybe turning pro quickly is the 'safest' thing for him and his crew? never know.
  13. Trendon Watford

    Good. I bet he makes a call at least, nothing to lose. Admittedly i haven't spent any time to see what he is inheriting at his new digs.
  14. Trendon Watford

    Can we assume Georgia will also be in the mix?
  15. Sneakers

    I think we were always white high-top Adidas in basketball - Usually a set would last you a season - practice and games Pony in football- black- we had 'game shoes' which were collected and cleaned after every game, we had pretty much the same shoes for three years! Practice cleats - you supplied your own, though i know our coach secretly bought many practice shoes for low income families.