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  1. ahh, ok, That explains my issue. But I'm not gonna fix it.
  2. man, best thing about this post is that I accidently clicked on page one and got to see the OP Miss you, Mile
  3. and probably had 'program attitudes' she didn't what to spend 3 years trying to clear out.
  4. viewership is the key I think. Will NBC want to pony up for the kind of viewership they bring nationally? Maybe not, but that would lock them out of pretty much all P5 football? Am I forgetting another NBC conf deal?
  5. I don't mind the other views. I also don't mind the reading. Some of you make my day with responses. Like fouls, THE LAST thing I would want is for my ex to show up here. ugh. I would rather hear from UK GayMarie than the Ex.
  6. Too sad indeed. How can 25 years be natural causes. Life is too short to be angry about the little things.
  7. Vic and TBryant as favorite players Sheehey as my favorite character. TJD working his way up all my lists.
  8. I'm using Chrome and can not change pages once I'm in a thread.
  9. If TJD is really a first rounder, even if it's late, it's hard to see him staying. That first round guarantee money is hard to pass by. Right? Am I missing something? I mean NIL is something, but it's not first round type money, right? I would love it if Race stays around one more.
  10. Last two pages feel like a group hug between spatting brothers. I like it, and why I normally keep reading.
  11. I blame myself. I shouldve somehow known. It's all about me! There we go, I'm over it.
  12. wow. Just wow. I hope i can find a replay of it somewhere!
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