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  1. Same here. Plenty has been said already. Here's hoping for a Miracle in Minny.
  2. This! X10! It's funny, with all that has gone on with him over the past years, I really didn't think I cared that much if he came back or not. But when I saw that still familiar frame come thru the tunnel I cried like a baby. Then to see the players and the scene at center court finished me off, I loved it. My voice cracked for about 15 minutes. Yes, it sucks that we lost, but this moment felt really, really good and meaningful. It seems to have raised my optimism for the future as well, have faith my friends, Good times shall return. Feeling Good.
  3. It's gotta be tough on some of these kids to go from being hailed as the 'next greatest thing', with no real pressure on them, being told over and over how great they are. To then be thrown directly in the eye of the hurricane, especially into a big time program that then struggles. I think the OSU fanbase has been pretty vocal about him and his play so far. I know many would say that's what they signed up for, but it still has to sting. You would hope these young guys have people around them to help prep them and keep them 'grounded', I'm sure not all do. Makes me appreciate the way Romeo handled things last year. Good kid, raised right, tough year, did what he could. Hopefully young Mr Carton works it out.
  4. WOW, it sure is. Cheating? Count me OUT.
  5. Here's to hoping they look as bad Thursday as they did a couple games ago in Mackey!
  6. LOL..I suppose you can get that Disney+ subscription..maybe watch some chess tournaments on ESPN8 (The Ocho)..or change to IowaBoilerFan..ugh, nothing could be that bad.
  7. Not that it makes it any better for us today, but there really is a lot of bad basketball out there right now. 'Good' teams that just look like crap at times. As if there's a total lack of IQ and fundamentals these days. I've tuned in to many games that are just terrible to watch for stretches. (No, not only our games)
  8. I notice our local HS team here does a fist bump with officials and other teams coaches (if not in huddle). I like it. Most the other teams do the same it seems
  9. WOW. I love it, but i should NOT have read it before our Monday morning sales meeting. Eyes red, nose running..
  10. I liked it, not loved. I felt like they could have done more with it. It's not Casino or Good Fellas, but I enjoyed it and would suggest watching it. The CGI is weird at first but i got used to it.
  11. Winning ugly is still WINNING. I won't spend much time re-watching it but i will take it! There seems to be a lot of ugly basketball out there right now, (IE: Louisville right before our game) it's hard to find someone playing beautiful games right now. To me it's part of the 'charm' of the college game. Also, I know I would be way jacked up to play in MSG, I would probably air ball all my first 3 pt attempt too! (hit the shot clock on the 2nd, catch some rim on the 3rd, bank in the 4th...)
  12. Only 25 hours to go. Let's treat it like it's not over, because for all we really know, it's NOT! Seems like a good kid we'd all love to have on the team NEXT year. Can we all agree to behave no matter who he picks? This team feels good right now, we play Princeton tomorrow night. Go IU!
  13. barely got his go-bag unpacked..Life in the league.
  14. He has a rebound.....sooooo dad says Worth it!
  15. i just read it on MSN,, There's a Indy star video (terrible) https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/dan-dakich-suspended-from-espns-the-fan-for-not-adhering-to-journalistic-principles/ar-AAJ7vZC?li=BBnb7Kz
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