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  1. ColtsIUDomer


    Exactly. Keap made a terrible business decision. For both himself and the NFL. The above are all good points..especially the Grampa comment.
  2. ColtsIUDomer

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    plus, for an 18-21 yr old, college is kind of fun. I know, money is too.
  3. ColtsIUDomer

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I grew up and played in Indiana. I don't like it, but I get it. I still hope like heck he ends up in Bloomington. I've always assumed these prep teams are 'by invitation only', is that correct? I mean i know Daddy can probably buy his kid a spot on the team...
  4. ColtsIUDomer

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    So you would pass up millions of dollars to win a state champ or Mr bball? Millions. Not thousands, millions. Like enough to change the direction of your entire future and your future children...I have to admit with the question being millions or NO millions, I'd take the millions in a milli-second.
  5. ColtsIUDomer

    2019 DJ Jeffries decommits from Kentucky

    Who knew i've been doing it wrong all these years? Somehow I'm ok with my mixed fandom. But Thank you for your advice and support.
  6. ColtsIUDomer

    2019 DJ Jeffries decommits from Kentucky

    This exactly for me!
  7. ColtsIUDomer

    Juwan Morgan

    soooo....5'10" 221 is NOT? Dang it. The wife is right again.
  8. ColtsIUDomer

    Romeo Langford

    Ah, Romeo Langford Thread, Hello again my old friend. How I miss the minutes (hours) I burned checking you every now and then (every day for months). I'm sure it's not related, but for some reason my productivity here at work has gone up recently.
  9. ColtsIUDomer

    Where are they Now -- Jordan Hulls

    Dammit, Mile. Why can't i stop watching this video. Darling.
  10. ColtsIUDomer

    The Off-Topic Thread

    This thread is perfect for the way my brain works when I'm at work.. I have a shoe problem, I admit it. I also don't like tying shoes. So now i'm into the no-tie Sketchers (that look like tennis shoes), i have most colors they make, unfortunately they keep making more. For vacation i pack more shoes than my wife. Yes, it's an issue, but I'll be ok. I survived Crocs, I'll get though this
  11. ColtsIUDomer

    The Off-Topic Thread

    -people that look totally fit and healthy that park in a handicap spot. Some have the gall to practically SKIP to the store. My neighbor hurt her wrist, they gave her a handicapped permit, been forever she still has it. I give her tons of grief about it...she couldn't care less, 'everyone else does it' Makes me wish my Superman laser vision worked so to flatten some tires.
  12. They are the Western University of movie fame....starring Shaq, Nick Nolte, and Mr Matt Nover....Oh yea, and Penny Hardaway
  13. ColtsIUDomer

    The Off-Topic Thread

    This actually raises more questions than it answers... http://www.wave3.com/story/38412229/driver-accused-of-pooping-on-another-man-in-a-fit-of-road-rage
  14. ColtsIUDomer

    Jahmius Ramsey

    This. 2 years would be fantastic.
  15. ColtsIUDomer

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Good idea! I've been trying a heaping helpings of Tequila every night, convinced the Agave effect will help. Maybe i will try this instead, won't be as much fun though..