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  1. Great note, Bluegrass...thanks for the positive post...best of wishes and the situation, Al. Happy Easter IU fans.
  2. The Duke senior who entered the portal might be a fit ...trying to recall his name. Good defender, assist guy, not a strong shooter...as soon as I exit the post, I know his name will come to me.
  3. Thank KoB ....appreicate your feedback. Sadly, I think you may be correct re the return. Happy Easter !
  4. Outstanding analysis, NCHoosier ...thanks for the time and input. My thoughts....please edit as you wish. 1. A small issue, and I suspect I am in the minority, but I would start Geronimo over Hunter. 2. I echo the comments about wanting Brunt back. The starting lineup you have is a little on the smallish side, but IU has played quite some time with a three guard lineup. 3. The guys who intrigue me the most are Stewart - fills a need if he returns, but hasn't played in a year....Galloway - as you suggest, all that is missing is the shooting. Is it just me or does he remind anyone else of Tom Coverdale - obviously minus the shooting skill at this juncture....the new recruite Duncombe. Like Stewart he fills a pre-defined hole - especially if Brunk doesn't come back. Best wishes Coach Wooden !
  5. Not a thread killer, at all, MSHoosier ...great post, very positive....thanks for posting.
  6. Thank you for writing this, KoB .... and thank you, Al....best wishes in whatever you choose to do.
  7. Well stated, IU Scott ... thank you for your thoughtfulness and the time you took to write.
  8. Thanks NCHoosier ...excellent insight.
  9. Love the positive comment, IUFLA ... well stated.
  10. Good question ... am curious whether the respondents here think that Brunk can help next year. I realize he'd be something like a six year player, but he could also view it as his baskeball swan song. I see some abilities at the college level, but at the risk of overstating the obvious, he's not a pro - not even overseas. I appreciate all your thoughts !
  11. I was thinking the same thing re the freshmen and overall youth of the team...they would grown from it. I would endorse accepting the bid.
  12. Hoosier Dave ...you and I are of one mind...I see him in the top 30 also.
  13. Thank you for the kind welcome, Inequality ... very much appreciated ! I agree with your point re clear potential....my point is that I think he's really undervalued as a late second and could move up by staying another year.
  14. He needs to stay. He is much better than a late second round pick ...which is where draft boards have him.
  15. Thanks, both for the kind welcome and the insight, IUFLA. Hadn't thought of Brunk staying in terms of growth stunting, but it does make sense. It just seems to me he doensn't have the option of turning pro, so if he's enjoying the college experience, he would come back ...but again, I do see your point.
  16. Hi folks, Really enjoying the commentary and expertise you all provide...thoughts and questions on next year's roster if I may. I have done extensive research on mock drafts and found two - and only two - that have Trace Jackson-Davis beling selected - both late in the 2nd round. It is my thought he would be well advise to stay .. what sayest thou ? I suspect Joey Brunk will return, but if anyone has differing insight, I'd love to hear it...I think he and Duncombe will really solidify the post and allow TJD to player smaller. I think Parker Steward will help immensely and that Landers will replace Rob at the point. Thanks all...enjoy the day.
  17. Excellent commentary and analysis, thanks for sharing. Overall, I am very upbeat on our younger players.
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