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  1. The branding guide that the school put out in 2002, when it made the current trident the universal symbol for all sports and administrative uses, does recommend that sports that won team championships to utilize the "championship stars" where feasible. For whatever reason, the basketball program hasn't done that.
  2. Just saw Kenya Hunter listed as "co-associate head coach" on the official roster page, so looks like we'll have "co-associate head coach Dane Fife".
  3. Like what's brewing: Woody Fife Hunter and add a pinch of Matta
  4. New, kinda fun post added (post #6 in thread) - a different historical "look" at the athletic programs.
  5. I'd like to say welcome Coach Woodson. I, for one, am excited to see what he can do. Wealth of knowledge. Good guy. Players love him. Cool, confident demeanor (his presence reminds me of John Thompson). His track record working with ELITE players along with his own personal success on the hardwood will speak volumes in recruiting. Here's our man with Zeke and Tolbert from the '79 PanAm Games:
  6. Not sure if this has been figured out but from my understanding a senior may transfer to another school to play his additional year. The difference is that at the new school he will count against the 13 scholarship limit where he would not if he were to stay at his present school. For a redshirt, they have an additional year to complete their eligibility (ie instead of 4 seasons played in 5 years, it is 5 seasons played in 6 years.)
  7. Indiana Hoosiers Logo Library Primary Logos 2021 - 2022 (-2) 2002-Present 1982-2002 1974-1982 1916-1940 2021 - 2022 (-2) Alternate Logos 2021 - 2022 (-
  8. Basketball Yearbook (1900 to 2000) Key: Additions: Players first season of play at IU. Years and level of varsity experience in parentheses for transfers. Departures: Players lost from prior year's roster. Non-senior departures in italics. 1999-2000 Record: 20-9 Conference: 10-6 (5) Tourney Quarterfinals (5 seed) Post-Season: 1st round NCAA (6 seed) [l. Pepperdine] Coach: Bob Knight Assistant Coaches: Mike Davis, Pat Knight, John Treloar Captains: Michael Lewis; A.J. G
  9. Basketball Yearbook (2000 to Present) Key: Additions: Scholarship players, first season of play at IU. Years and level of experience in parentheses for transfers. Departures: Scholarship players lost from prior year's roster. Non-graduate departures in italics. * Graduated with eligibility remaining. 2021-2022 Record: - Conference: - (-) - Post-Season: - Coach: Mike Woodson Assistant Coaches: Dane Fife, Kenya Hunter, Yasir Rosemond Captains: - Top Performer
  10. Recruiting Classes Database (1950-Present) ❖ JC = Junior College Transfer; Including <Prior NCAA experience if applicable>. ❖ T = Inbound NCAA Transfer; Including <Previous School>. ✧ Italics = Walk-on; <BB>= Baseball player, <FB>= Football player. R = Redshirt; [##] = year redshirted. Players underlined completed their eligibility at IU. #y = Number of years played at IU (Early departure/Transfer in). * = Post-grad transfer out. (2017-2020 classes were granted additional year of eligibility) ➤ Post
  11. Indiana Hoosiers Scholarship Grid 2021 - 2022 (-2) 2022 - 2023 (-1⊕/-4) 2023 - 2024 (-5⊕/-7) 2024 - 2025 (-7⊕/-11) < 2025 - 2026 (-12) 00 Race Thompson Race Thompson Open Open Open Xavier Johnson Xavier Johnson Open Open Open Robert Phinisee Robert Phinisee Open Open
  12. Hi all...I can't believe it has taken me this long to find you guys. I saw many familiar names here from back in the original Scout Hoosier Nation days (with John Decker). I managed the scholarship grid and etc on that forum and through some of the following reiterations until the technology no longer supported it. Now on this forum, with the help of HoosierFaithful, I think I can bring back some of that information that I've collected over the years. I'm going to try reserve a number of posting spots to accommodate the tables of information from over the years, including a "yearbook" with
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