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  1. Did you watch it? He showed more personality in this than he ever did at IU. Now, I still wouldn’t put him in a game as a color analyst, but he certainly would have a lot to offer in a studio.
  2. Pretty good stuff. Obviously knows the game. Really could see him as a studio analyst on ESPN.
  3. They are recognizing it as a 3-way tie for the SAC title between Carroll, Luers, and Snider, even though Snider won one less game due to not being able to play FW South (COVID).
  4. Bellarmine was everyone’s original guess, but it’s actually against Belmont.
  5. Carroll’s best OL prospect is currently only a freshman who is playing LT on varsity. Of course, Hiller couldn’t talk to him yet but made a point of shaking his hand “in passing,” lol. Hiller was also looking at a LB, DB, WR, and K. Fort Wayne is Hiller’s recruiting area so he recruits all positions.
  6. North Side wasn't the only Fort Wayne school IU visited today. Darren Hiller was at Carroll's practice looking at a few players.
  7. He was probably concerned about playing time since we already have Scoop.
  8. A kid from Warren Central visited yesterday as well. I have no idea who it was, but his family sat next to us.
  9. Jeff Becker is Carroll’s QB. He’s committed to South Dakota State, a top FCS (Div. I) school.
  10. Looks like Dane Fife might be a bit taller than Mike Woodson. I guess they measured differently back in the 70s, ha ha
  11. Apparently Trace didn't hit a 3. They've taken it away from him and now show him with 11 points.
  12. Behind Mike Woodson's first summer as Indiana's head coach, where a foundation is being built - Inside the Hall | Indiana Hoosiers Basketball News, Recruiting and Analysis I didn't know where to put this. Didn't want to start a new thread in case it was posted somewhere and I just missed it. But I thought this was a really good article, especially the player quotes.
  13. Not to my knowledge. I have no idea what would have happened if he would have waited and had a really great senior year. His offers were Penn, Illinois State, Indiana State, South Dakota State...
  14. Allen and Brohm both visited Carroll last year but neither seemed like they were ever going to offer.
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