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  1. I'm not sure either. Just seems from what I've heard the search was narrowed down to 1 or 2 guys from the beginning, and neither were college coaches.
  2. Or another point guard that played a few years earlier.
  3. He originally committed to Alabama when Rosemond was coaching there.
  4. I know he won't actually be at Auburn until this fall, but can he go into the transfer portal since he has signed with them?
  5. Yeah. His twitter feed looks like a Purdue message board. It's awesome, lol!
  6. Of course. It makes perfect sense that the guy who won the national championship would leave his school to come to an irrelevant program and take the job nobody wants anymore, perhaps just because Jeff Goodman tweets about that job hourly, even 9 days after it's been filled.
  7. I know names on the jerseys is controversial, but I don't know how you fully convince recruits IU is at the forefront of NIL while telling them their names can't be on their jerseys. And I'm one of the old guys saying that.
  8. If he's friends with Goodman then cross him off the list, lol.
  9. Good question....I've wondered the same thing. Looking at Drew's career at Baylor, he's had a few blips, but is definitely on a high right now. I imagine it's nearly impossible to win big every year at either school. I think both are excellent and I'd take either one, but I personally prefer Beard by just a hair.
  10. What if Ted Valentine had officiated the other Final Four game in '92.
  11. Is it just me, or are you guys having trouble buying Michigan State as a tournament team? I realize they got hot for a couple weeks and got 3 wins over top 10 teams, but heck, Indiana has 2 top 10 wins. If you look at the rest of Michigan State's resume, they have no other wins over top 35 teams except those 3. Their NET rating is 67. 9th seed in the Big Ten. Several bad, lopsided losses. I think their resume is getting a better evaluation because of the name on top of it rather than its contents.
  12. Once I got started, I got a little carried away, ha ha. Thanks for the welcome!
  13. I’m new at posting here, but I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents, not for the sake of any argument, but just for another perspective. Before this season, I was mainly on the side of “give Archie more time.” I thought he needed 4 years, and I thought calls to fire him before that were premature. Other very successful coaches have needed 3-4 years to turn things around. And I thought some of the things I saw posted in the past couple years, particularly on one other site, really put IU and the fanbase in a poor light. This season, though, Archie lost me. I started losing hope after t
  14. Any rumors as to whether Matta would take the job?
  15. With the we're "on the same page" comment, plus hearing we are interested in the transfer from Indiana State, I wonder how likely this scenario is: Dolson has told Archie his results are unacceptable, and Archie agrees. They have agreed to let Archie aggressively work the transfer market for a few months to see if he can significantly upgrade the roster for next season. If he can't, he could be let go mid-summer, much like Ohio State did with Thad Matta, which would then open the door for NBA candidates since their season would be over.
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