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  1. I don't ever post in game threads, but thought I'd offer this: my son walked into the room, and after listening to the game for less than 2 minutes, asked, "Dad, why are the announcers Syracuse fans?"
  2. I just saw Rod Carey was let go by Temple. He’s been an OC and an OL coach. I don’t know anything about his offense or if he’d be interested in coming back to IU, but thought I’d mention it in case anybody has any thoughts on him.
  3. Players quit. It was pretty obvious from where I sat. By "lost," I mean they quit. Making a change in-season MAY have at least sent the message to the players that nobody's throwing in the towel on the season. Especially to the seniors. It's not even about changing the scheme mid-season. It's simply about sending the message that we care enough about you to make a change to something that is obviously not working, and gone horribly wrong. Especially if Allen's decision was already made. Of course, if the LEO culture is as real as they want us to believe, it could be argued that players shouldn't have quit on their teammates no matter what.
  4. I understand what you're saying. I would argue, based on what I saw, that he lost more guys sticking with the status quo than by making an in-season change. LEO doesn't just apply to the offensive coordinator. It has to be what's best for the team and program. Again, I would never normally be a proponent of an in-season change, but I didn't decide to fire Sheridan, Allen did. And I think it's pretty clear Allen had made that decision before this morning. But again, I understand your point too.
  5. Just my opinion (and I'm never a fan of mid-season coaching moves), but if the decision to let Sheridan go was that obvious, a change should have been made during the season. It would have been the only chance to right the ship. It was pretty clear to me from being down there with seats right behind the bench that the rest of the team folded its collective tent and quit long ago.
  6. We live in a world where every time there’s a little bump in the road, folks are looking for someone to blame and someone to fire.
  7. You might want to check out the quality of Kraft's football hire(s) at Temple before promoting him for anybody's AD job.
  8. Not sure I've ever seen stats like that in a half of football, at any level. OSU has 26 first downs, and has gotten to 3rd down only twice.
  9. I'd like to see the SAC give schools room for 2 non-conference games. I'd love for one of them to be against Warsaw. I think that could develop into a fun rivalry. especially since we've met in the playoffs the last two years. I think, at least the programs trying to achieve what Carroll and Homestead are, the other needs to be against a powerhouse, either from this state or Ohio/Michigan.
  10. So why did Carmel travel to Louisville for a game this year? Why did Cathedral travel to Cincinnati? I'm not sure why Fort Wayne would be out of the question for schools willing to go out of state.
  11. Yeah, there would be plenty of other options for Fort Wayne schools besides the Indy schools. They could work out a home- and-home with a school from Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, etc. And back in the day, the SAC was split into two divisions (North and South) and you only played 3 of the 5 in the other division. I think it’s something they should take a look at.
  12. No, I think it was the right move for both schools. No offense to the schools in the conference they left, but I think the SAC is better across the board in every sport. Sometimes I wonder if the other schools in the SAC regret letting them in, because one or the other wins most of the conference championships, lol.
  13. Warsaw just played us a couple weeks ago.
  14. I understand, but our kids bus to every road game whether it’s in town or out-of-town. And we’re really just talking one out-of-town regular season game a year.
  15. Having a son who plays in the SAC, I would like to see them play a couple non-conference games a year. The kids in that conference, unless they’re one of the few that gets to the Regional, never see anything in their high school career but the same 9 coaches, systems, stadiums, etc. I’m not necessarily saying it would help the Fort Wayne 6A schools beat the big Indy schools, but seeing and preparing for something different a couple times a season, before the playoffs, certainly wouldn’t hurt.
  16. Yeah, asking if Tom Allen will be back next year is funny.
  17. They did the show, but it wasn’t on their Facebook account as they advertised it would be, and no radio stations in my hometown carry it.
  18. So, did they decide not to do the Monday night show with Don Fischer?
  19. Another tidbit from the scrimmage: TJD had 15 rebounds.
  20. Even if you're right, if Allen's good years are as good as Crean's, you might be able to convince this old guy to put up with the bad ones after what I've witnessed over the decades in football.
  21. Did you watch it? He showed more personality in this than he ever did at IU. Now, I still wouldn’t put him in a game as a color analyst, but he certainly would have a lot to offer in a studio.
  22. Pretty good stuff. Obviously knows the game. Really could see him as a studio analyst on ESPN.
  23. They are recognizing it as a 3-way tie for the SAC title between Carroll, Luers, and Snider, even though Snider won one less game due to not being able to play FW South (COVID).
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