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  1. Close game as forewarned, 69-55. Spring cleaning awaits In Turtle Town as their season ends.
  2. Spot on. I think it’s a case of 2 things. Underwear wanting him for the sake of having an “Indiana kid.” Goode was likely tired of waiting on IU and PU to offer and took the first B1G team to offer. He does not fit the illannoy style of play whatsoever. Almost a guaranteed transfer. Probably best suited for Butler, Wisconsin, or Iowa from a system’s perspective.
  3. Spot on. Any school could use this kid. Clearly the one to get on Homestead.
  4. Fairly consistent with how they breakdown. I’m not shocked that they’re in trouble. Homestead is really good, but they’ve relied on Lady Luck more than a few times to get by vs good competition.
  5. Definitely adds to the suspense of this matchup.
  6. Good guess, but no. Caleb is from FW and went thru the Blackhawk system.
  7. Hard to imagine Blackhawk losing here. I’m still willing to bet it’s closer than most expect. The irony is the best player from busco will be playing against them.
  8. Private school Blackhawk is definitely special for a 2A club. However, busco does not have a typical public school roster either. This could be closer than ppl realize. Blackhawk by 6.
  9. Blackhawk vs busco Who ya got? Will Blackhawk end busco’s run and start spring cleaning? Can busco be giant-killers?
  10. If any of you follow Bounce on Twitter he took issue with this matter and politely mentioned the Luers recruits the least of the FW schools, both public and private.
  11. Sorry to break the news, but there are just as many public schools that recruit. It goes both ways.
  12. Nope. How about we start a hs finals picking contest.
  13. Blackhawk is where the bar is up North. Not sure anyone up North could touch them outside of 6A Homestead.
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