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  1. Not to the good people of Boston, Massachusetts
  2. C’s got out rebounded by 11 and only shot 62% from the line... and I’d still take our favorite “Masshole” in a New York minute
  3. Booooooooo. Let us dream. Ignorance is bliss.
  4. I’ve never enjoyed rooting against the C’s more
  5. Ole’ Cousin Eddie is full of surprises;)
  6. I kind of think they’d open themselves up to even more criticism that way. Why wouldn’t you reach out if your IU? Is there a believable answer to that? I can’t think of one. It’s almost more believable (to me) that BS wanted a few more weeks to make a decision so he stiff-armed everyone (the press) to buy time/space to maybe see how his season shakes out.
  7. I think this is interesting. What would you imagine IU to say regarding BS? We have not contacted Brad?
  8. I think this is actually a good example of what @BGleas is talking about. If a married man flirts with his secretary or sends steamy messages to her some may dispute whether this is cheating or not. It’s Gray. But we can all agree that if he’s caught it won’t be pretty.
  9. Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I never said coach Knight was a cheater. I did say he had a checkered history. He also broke some of the rules set in place for him. as far as joining the board— I’ve lurked for years. I’m happy to do so.
  10. Surely there are rules against choking your players and berating coaches and faculty members? Wasn’t coach knight fired for breaking the zero-tolerance rules that were put in place? I liked coach knight. He was rough around the edges but he got results. He was/is a winner.
  11. We tolerated a coach with a checkered history for thirty years because he was also a winner. We may have to agree to disagree.
  12. If winning is the highest priority I’d take RP, but I’d surround him with compliance hawks. Tom Jurich turned many a blind eye to what was going on in the Cardinal program. I just don’t think we can be picky at this point. If we want to win we need to go get a proven winner. Is RP a good guy? probably not. Is he sleazy? Sure seems to be. Archie is none of those things, but he also not a winner, either. RP winsEVERYWHERE. Hs teams play hard. They defend and pressure for 40 minutes. I’d first vote to back the money truck up to Steven’s house. If he passes I’d go get a proven
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