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2/25-27 IU @ Round Rock Class


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14 minutes ago, Seeking6 said:

Always nice to get the first win on the season. Somehow when the series was scheduled I bet they were hoping for more than 40 degree temps. Besides cold golf...cold baseball is the worst. 

It really is. 

Ughh just move the season back two weeks! It matters show much in the weather in these places and gives us a fighters chance! 

Anyways.. our FR through 5 games have been really solid. We needed that to establish more of a solid foundation rather than worry about immense amounts of transfers/worrying about some not going pro. 

I think starting in 2024 (after 2022 FR class are SO and these FR are JR)... is when we will be where we want to be experience wise. Covid wasn't great for roster management. 

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2 hours ago, Kendal22 said:

Great win today!

I noticed there was only one JUCO player on the IU roster when I looked through the other day. Is that coincidental or does Mercer not go that route as much?


Correct. We have A LOT of transfers from other D1 schools. Whalen, Perkins, Colopy, to name a few. 

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