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Transfer Portal 2022

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8 minutes ago, Purdue7 said:

Former 🌪 T Hunter announcing today.  Gotta be Texas 💰💵

I’m sure most disagree but I actually don’t want a 3 year transfer to block kids who committed to play for Purdue not one & done or 💰.

I’ll take Grady Eifert & Braden Smith even if it means no FF.  

love players finally getting something….I tell myself 😬

Don't think anyone here would agree or disagree since it's PU you're talking about. 😀

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2 hours ago, IUFLA said:

Rocket Watts, formerly of Michigan State and Mississippi Star winds up at Oakland (Michigan)...

All the physical talent in the world, but... 

The recruiting services got another one right!  

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On 5/27/2022 at 1:21 PM, TheWatShot said:

I wonder if Hunter needs any help removing himself from the portal? He sure was in there long enough. 

I’m guessing “schools” were trying to organize NIL 💰  😉 because the ncaa said behave 



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44 minutes ago, bluegrassIU said:

That's a pretty dang solid pick up for them! 

Agree.  I have always liked his game.  He’s one of those guys who seems to have been around forever.   We should have the Jason Bohannon award given out annually for that.  


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