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Transfer Portal 2022

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13 minutes ago, jay edwards brother said:

So has anyone heard anything about the Dexter Dennis visit. Have heard absolutely nothing on any of the IU message boards.

I will be curious to see how much we hear with no available scholarships right now. Maybe hear some stuff, but if no one transfers, might be a long waiting game until TJD decides on his future.

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4 hours ago, Indykev said:


Yeah, that one's a real surprise. I thought Marble progressed nicely last year and figured big in Izzo's plans for next season. 

I guess not...

And saw where former Michigan State guard Rocket Watts was back in the portal after leaving Mississippi State... 

The grass isn't always greener I guess...

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2 hours ago, Andy06 said:

The tractor industry is just like everything else, it has evolved and consolidated a lot lately.  It's a New Holland, which now isn't any different than a Case IH. They are both owned by Fiat.

Jeep Renegade is just a rebranded Fiat built in Italy 🇮🇹 

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7 hours ago, Iuprof said:

A little off topic, but I really like those uniforms. Love the stripes down the side on the top. If anyone has an idea, will these be a new addition we actually wear in games?

I would love for these to become available for purchase.  

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2 minutes ago, FKIM01 said:

Begs the question...with Chris Beard being so revered to just about everyone one the outside, why are his players transferring away from him?

Well Askew and Mitchell transferred to Texas.  I guess they didn't like their time there?

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9 minutes ago, rico said:

But, but, but Mitchell was a stud at UMass.  

I'll be the 1st to admit it's hindsight thankfulness that Miller missed on him. Players, like Mitchell and Cross, who transfer around a lot seem like they're never happy and seem like they'd be detrimental to the team. Mitchell is a decent player but not good enough to put up with that.

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