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Mods, I’m sorry…

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25 minutes ago, IUfaninIllinois said:

IMO the bigger issue is how off topic conversations truly get and there is no way to stop it. It doesn’t bother me that much personally because it’s the off-season and people are truly just having fun with things because this board is an escape from reality and every day true life stuff.

No doubt we allow a lot more freedom during the off season.   


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19 hours ago, Steubenhoosier said:

Can you please create a place to discuss other schools like PUke and Illinois so when we open a thread, we don’t have to Wade through a conversation about their players/ recruits/ schedule/coach/history? I get it that game conversations are valid. I am so tired of threads going down the road of anything not IU.

After all, it’s “Hoosier Ports Nation” nothing else.  I am tired of hearing the “ but if they’re respectable they are welcome here” comments. I really don’t care what any other program has going on, don’t care about the opinions of the posters from their schools who come here. Don’t want their feedback about what IU is or isn’t doing.

 I am not advocating banning posters from other schools. I would love for a separate place where those who feel the need to entertain these folks can do so, but for those of us who could care less, we don’t have to sift through their nonsense to get to what we’re interested in.

I am probably going to get some flak for this, but feel confident that I am not alone in feeling this way.

Hey, how do you think the Boilers are looking for 2022-23 ? 

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