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If you could add any NBA player to the IU roster ?

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If you could add just one current NBA player to the IU roster this season, who would you pick?

Would we win the national title by adding that one player?

Edit:  every comment gets at least one "like" emoji.  Unless it's the Purdue posters.

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I'm not a Purdue poster.    

Jaden Ivey.  We would NOT win the NCAA tournament.  In fact, we would be hurt by his selfish play.  I'm just choosing him to see how dedicated @Madison22is to his 'like' promise.  I would have chosen E'Twaun Moore instead, but I'm not sure he's still in the league.  Kind of hard to find a Purdue player who is.  

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On 9/30/2022 at 10:15 AM, rico said:

Steph.  Not only would we win the championship, we would go undefeated in the process.

Teams would like play a box in 1 on Steph or double team him immediately. I’d say Lebron who could easily score on anyone and also pass out of any double team….that said he is an ageist. Not sure he has had a single guy under 21 on any of his teams…he probably trade all our guys for 40 year old friends of his. 

In keeping with IU tradition though we really should land Ben Simmons…at least he would fit right in with our other non-shooters.

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20 hours ago, dgambill said:

Teams would like play a box in 1 on Steph or double team him immediately.

I'd say it is safer/more assured we'd win with a perimeter/outside threat like Steph.  No college team would be effective at stopping him with a single player guarding him.  Even if they were, it would tie up their best defender and distract the rest of the team as they'd have to hedge against him all night, making it pretty easy for the rest of our team to score.  If they tried to double-team him, he'd draw two people to the perimeter and we'd torch them 4v3.

Who would give us the biggest advantage defensively though, and would a more balanced player be a bigger impact than a big-time scorer?  (I don't watch NBA, don't know how Steph would do but have the impression that Lebron doesn't put forth much effort on that side.  Lebron would certainly be capable of completely locking down the paint area, but would he actually do it?)

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If the goal is to go undefeated the answer is LBJ or KD, probably KD in all honesty.

X, JHS, KD, Race, TJD. Where is there even remotely a weakness there? 

You go Steph, you still have a potential weakness on the wing. You go Lebron, you can still definitely argue shooting. But KD at the 3 in college..... good luck. Who is Purdue putting on TJD when they have to put Edey on KD to even get a hand in his face? 

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