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Thread Idea - Thoughts?


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I was thinking that someone could create pinned threads for recruiting years (ie. 2018 recruits, 2019 recruits, etc), but only go out maybe 4 years (freshman year).  In each thread the top post could list all of the kids that we’re in on, offered or have committed.  Members could add to the post with names they know of if they’re not already on the list.  No bantering about the recruits (see individual threads), just names.  Not sure if you could make a global post that is editable by the members, but if not, whoever created the post could update the list based off of the members’ input.  We could still have individual threads for players, but this could be away to keep all of the names organized by year.  Once the year is finished, the thread is closed and shut down.  Just a thought.

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