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Thanks for posting. 

We rescued a two year old German Shepherd last summer, after our Rhodesian Ridgeback passed away.  We have had several dogs over the years, including a German. But "Jada" may be the best and most loving of them all.  Only one issue.... she sheds more than any dog we have ever had.

So... we invested in a Roomba last December.  Got the one specifically designed to pick up pet hair.  And run it daily.  A great investment.  It really works !  And is fun to watch as it works.  We have a two story house with a finished basement.  We run the Roomba on the main floor. But it does such a good job that I am considering getting one for all three levels of the house.  From our experience.... I highly recommend purchasing a Roomba.... both from a cleaning experience, and fun to watch. 

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I rescued a 7 year old GS last fall after our previous one passed. He has turned out to be a great dog. Now a dilemma... the same agency let us know they have another GS. I'm not too keen on twice the food, poop and hair but she is tugging at my wife's heart. Will have to let you know how that turns out!

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