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Thanks to the seniors

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Thank you seniors. Five guys who worked their tails off and represented our university with class. I can't remember a single instance of them ever getting in trouble off of the court.

This season was not what we hoped but these guys were still part of some great memories, especially Rob and Collin on the 2016 Big Ten championship squad.

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To my knowledge, these guys never shamed the name.  We may have questioned the emotion, tenacity, decision making, and talent, but Hartman never quit.  RoJo buckled down this season and played great defense.  Newkirk tried.  Freddie never stopped working and improving.  Priller is graduating a double major??? maybe.  

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Roller coaster ride for sure this year.  In the end, I enjoyed this team more than last.  We had far less talent and yet managed to improve significantly at least on Defense over the year.  This class managed to set the table for what CAM will eventually institute.  I think as a fan base we tarnish our own image and possibly harm recruiting when we call out our players individually to the degree I've read here on occasion.  I simply want to thank the Seniors for wearing the Candy Stripes and conducting themselves with character.  As always, I'll look forward to next year and hope CAM can continue to bring in talented young men with character we can all continue to cheer for!

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9 hours ago, Nesquik1 said:

If I may quote the great Pete Bell from Western University...

”Well yeah they are a great group of guys, but not one of them can play basketball” 

That might be one of the most fitting quotes I have seen on any version of this forum. Bravo to you 👍👍👍👏👏👏

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