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A trip down memory lane - Joe Boncore

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Interesting read about a "handler" named Joe Boncore and his supposed 20 year old high school freshman:


Some of you may remember this name in regards to the infamous Moses Abraham recruitment (which actually gets a shout out in this article).

Glad we never actually landed this kid... or any other kid connected with this dufus.

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I DO remember Joe Boncore.  Always thought there was something fishy about the Moses Abraham recruitment.  As I had more than two sources tell me that he told the IU team that he would be committing to IU on his last visit to IU.  But did not want to make an official announcement until he let his mother know first.  He flew back to Washington D.C. where he was met at the airport by both of the Thompson's.  And while I waited for the announcement to come IU's way.... I read that Moses committed to Georgetown instead !  And you're right.  Turned out to be a good thing for IU. 

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1 minute ago, slojoe said:

We were really, really desperate for a big!

That is very true.  Thanks to some Marquette fans who were so kind to  offer their summary of Crean as a recruiter..... there was an onus on Crean....because of what they said... that Crean could not recruit BIGs.  Cody Zeller put an end to that onus. 

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