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Overnight ratings for Ohio St vs. Indiana huge!

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Browsing the IUhoosiers.com website and stumbled on this.  It looks to be record setting highs.  While the final score was disappointing, do you think this helps us with recruiting or hurts us?  I am thinking that there are some recruits that saw we were just a few guys short of keeping this game close and that they may be one of the guys that can put us over the hump.  IMHO.



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I saw that too.  I think it was a big plus for recruits.  Everything leading up to the game was positive, the atmosphere seemed great, the hype surrounding Corso and ESPN was good.  I think the interview with Allen before the game was a positive.  Gotta love a coach with that much pride and emotion for their team and school.  That all had to leave a positive impact.

I know people are bitter about the final score, but we led the #2 team in the country with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.  Like you said, I think we'll be able to pitch it that we're only 1 or 2 recruits away from being able to play with the big boys.

Until the big OSU play after we went up 21-20, everything that happened was a plus for IU.  I'll take that!

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