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Think twice before you travel to Mexico.

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U.S. Embassy issues alert against travel to Mexico's Playa del Carmen

We used to go annually at Christmas time.  Opening up Christmas presents on the Ocean beaches of Cancun.  Yet I have seen recent videos of killings on the beaches we once felt safe on.  Quickly covered up by local police, and bodies taken away within an hour... so that tourists would not be aware.

And have been on the beaches of Playa del Carmen.... as well as other spots in the Yucatan.

But it doesn't stop there.

Mexico travel warning: U.S. urges citizens to avoid 5 Mexican states

And we are not even talking about the border towns.

Going to Mexico ?  Travel at your own risk. 

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Fortunate enough to have gone to Mexico several times for vacation. Used to be once a year either for wife and myself or a big group of friends. Usually was Cancun or Playa. Always loved my time there but honestly we stopped going 3 years ago.  Started choosing Caribbean, Keys,etc..

Cousin and his wife head to Mexico City on Sunday for 10 days but I think that area is supposed to be safe. 

Safe travels to all for anyone headed that way.

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10 hours ago, 5fouls said:

The wife and I ported in Cozumel on our honeymoon cruise 15 years ago.  Now, the cruise lines are cancelling the shore excursions because of the ferry explosions.





We've taken the air ferry (travels above the water) from Playa to Cozumel.  Thanks for the link.  Now the U.S. state dept.... is saying the explosive devices are not as much of a concern as are the drug battles.

US: Mexico Playa del Carmen threat unrelated to ferries - The Washington Post

All the while.... the Mexican government is insisting that the area is safe for tourists. 

Take a look at this video.... it's not just the Yucatan.  And this video is an eye opener :

Mexican cartels threatening tourism in Mexico

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Currently have the possibility of a job in Tijuana, crossing over from San Diego? From what I have been able to gather, it is like any other country or city in the US. There are places to go and there are places not to go. One thing I have learned over the years in my travels, which include a dozen trips to Russia, don't be an Ugly American! Respect the people and culture of your current hosts!

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Big fan of Mexico. Vacationed there many times. There will be a time when I go back but right now there are plenty of other places to visit in warm weather and endless beaches where I don't need to be vigilant if I dont want to be. 

It's to the point where if you go there and have troubles. That's on you. 

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