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No Spring Practice Info?

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2 hours ago, hoosiertildeath said:

Ziemba at 6'3" and only 257 pounds is better suited sizewise for a Defensive End or even a monster MIddle Linebacker Position than a Down Lineman Position ! I hope by DL they are referring to a defensive end position and not a Down Lineman positiion ???

A defensive end in most schemes is a down lineman, as it is in ours. 

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On 3/29/2018 at 8:03 PM, HoosierSJ said:

A lot of the practices have been open. We have written quite a few articles this spring at HoosierHuddle.com. I’ll share them here as well from now on. This is a very important year for Allen & Co. I really like the young talent and if we can land a grad transfer QB we should be in for a good season. Anyways, enjoy Hoosier Huddle

A very warm welcome to Hoosier Sports Nation. I know I can speak for my fellow mods, that were are pleased that you have chosen HSN to share your site with us.

Looking forward to a long and productive relationship, as we continue to grow our site right along with yours.

I would like to add :  I am very impressed with the staff you have assembled. 

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