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The Bracket- Seeds-Venues-Matchups

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It sure looks like a few of the top seeds got a raw deal, while others once again  left me smh. UNC gets to play in their backyard as a 2 seed, while PU goes to Detroit. MSU as a 3 seed is placed down the road in Detroit, 3 seed Texas Tech plays in Dallas. The other 2 three seeds Tennessee is sent packing to Dallas and Michigan shipped to Witchita. Kansas-Duke-UNC-PU & MSU looks like they were given easy rides to the S16. As far as the softest Region, it looks like Villanova got the luck of the draw. In the meantime IU has both Samscum and Davis in the field this year. Did the SEC really deserve 8 bids?. We shall soon see how quickly they fall.

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Michigan St., Arizona and W. Virginia are all under-seeded.

UNC should not be a 2 seed and should not have been rewarded by playing the firs two games basically at home.

Syracuse did not belong in over Notre Dame or Ok State


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