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RIP Daryl Thomas

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12 minutes ago, NCHoosier32 said:

great memories!  all reports were that he was a sensitive kid who struggled with Knight's style, but man it paid off!  i can't find any articles, just saw it announced.  accident?  any reports? 


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Very sad to hear of Daryl Thomas passing.  Prayers to his family.  Never get tired of "the shot" Kieth Smart made to win the 1987 NCAAT.  Once again a reminder to us all how short and fragile life is and the importance of living our lives with grace for the short time God grants us.  RIP Daryl.

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This one hits me hard I am 52.  I was a senior in 87.  

Prayers to all his family and friends.

2 hours ago, milehiiu said:

One heck of a player.  And an even geater man in real life.  Truly a huge loss for the entire Hoosier Nation Community.


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RIP Daryl.

From all accounts, his accomplishments after basketball were greater than anything he did on the court.

 You will be missed by the young men whose lives you helped shape 

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