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Congrats to Robert Johnson for winning the 3x3u National Championship

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30 minutes ago, Riverrat said:

Now if Michigan can win it tomorrow the big ten will habe the ncaa, the nit and the new 3x3 tournament championships. One can hope right. Cool to see something set up for the seniors like this and always good to see the big win.

Too bad the Big Ten was having a down year. Imagine what they would have done in good year?

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4 hours ago, Proud2BAHoosier said:

LOL at some of those tweets...

Way to go RoJo

Yeah...right on cue a toothless Kentucky hilljack talks about the Big Ten not being able to win anything right after it won both NITs and is in the final game of the men's NCAA.  How clueless those idiots are.

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17 minutes ago, Proud2BAHoosier said:

Odd teammates at that!! How would think that a Hoosier and a Boiler would team up to win a title????  O.o

Hmmmmm......can Purdouche finally hang a banner now????  Even though they needed help from a Hoosier, a Buckeye and a Gopher to get it. 

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