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B-ball tickets are printed and.....


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....should be mailed by mid-October.  Applications for Crossroads Classic and mini-series games to go out later this week or early next.

Just a guess but comparing the student break schedule with the b-ball schedule the likely games to be included in the mini-series package this year are:
11/19 South Florida
11/22 Arkansas State
11/24 Eastern Michigan
12/18 Fort Wayne
12/21 Tennessee Tech
12/29 Youngstown State

If so, up to 6 games this year but no Big 10 games included.

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2 hours ago, Parakeet Jones said:

From the, "It's a Small World" department, a buddy of mine not one hour ago sent me part of the first post of this thread on a text saying he found it on a message board.  

I posted the same on Peegs premium forum as well as on both Rivals premium and free boards.

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38 minutes ago, eddy4iu said:

Hopefully it will get some traction of its own as opposed to just providing links to other sites' ticket exchange forums. Slowly but surely.......

Currently. We are a small. Yet close group. Compared to others. And what we once were. Kind of fun in that respect. Just thankful to have a great IU fan like you as part as our group.

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