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Great site!

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1 hour ago, Long Duk Dong said:

I've been reading the forums lately and I have to say, this is the best. Glad to be here.

Dude, I asked where you were a few months back.  Glad you found us.  Please tell us that we aren't getting Romeo.  Things are sounding good, we need some good ole reverse psychology.  

Glad you are here.  

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46 minutes ago, KoB2011 said:

Think Steub is Jerry. Doesn't seem so pessimistic with a good coach. 

It has been an interesting year with so much hope being put on Coach Miller that IU basketball is finally starting to look like what IU basketball should! At times I was in awe of how well everyone was getting along! But maybe it was just the lack of some of our better pessimists! Welcome back LDD we need you! 

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4 minutes ago, hoosierfan615 said:

Hey, long time no see! This coming basketball season should turn your frown upside down!

It was turned the day we hired Archie! Love the direction of the program. 

Archie told his friends that the defense was so bad that it would take 3 years to fully install his. Total tear down and rebuild. It was rough at first obviously but they have made great progress already.

Cautiously optimistic about Romeo.

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Yep, I'm Steubenhoosier.

However, never viewed myself as a pessimist. Just an IU supporter who didn't buy into the Crean style of basketball and wasn't afraid to defend my opinions 

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