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Jahmius Ramsey Cuts IU

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8 hours ago, Tiz10 said:

Interesting comments from Ramsey here:

"It's a long season ahead and I was already starting to get bad about answering phone calls from coaches. I didn't think that was a good look so it's time to make a decision."

i'm curious as to whether or not Ramsey stopped answering our calls due to a lack of interest, or if CAM just stopped calling because Ramsey's lack of communication could be a trait he noticed during the recruitment.  Interesting that Ramsey himself noticed that his actions (or inactions in this case)  might have been a blemish on his reputation and/or have an impact on his recruitment.

Or, once Franklin committed, regardless of who it is, we could just be eliminating the recruitment of everyone not named TJD or KB

Yeah. Honestly I can't blame a 17 year old kid for getting lazy about calling back 10-20 different coaches (assistants etc)...I wouldn't be able to keep them all straight. In your heart you know its just a couple teams you like best. It's just about having a spot and best fit. Go ahead and get the rest out of the way. You can always reopen your recruiting later....transfers etc someone in spring will always want a top 50 kid. Honestly I respect that about him. I mean kids are high schoolers...when the process starts feeling like work instead of being fun and exciting and loving the attention I can see things changing quickly. Good for him and for everyone else.


Also, yes I could see we may not take another guard in this class given our 20-21 prospects.

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I felt like going home to Texas was where he felt most comfortable...especially the free reign they were going to give him. That said....funny how he was suppose to be one of the last to commit and he was one of the first lol. Goes to show how fast things change....and easily kids change their mind.

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