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Do you wear a watch?

Do you wear a watch?  

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  1. 1. Do you wear a watch?

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3 hours ago, Colonialcrester said:

Does the fitbit you have show the time?  Do you really download the results and look at them?  I had a fitbit a few years ago and it didn't have the time and after a mont or so I stopped looking at my results.  A few weeks later I gave it to my daughter.

Yes my Fitbit shows the time.

I do log my bike miles. Nothing else.

Whether the Fitbit is completely accurate or not is beside the point for me. I do look at it periodically to see if I am close to the magic 10,000 steps. I use it as motivation to get moving, which I feel is the real value of the device 

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I have a Garmin Vivofit 2 and I love it.  I like having the time easily available so I can keep track of my classes when I'm teaching.

If I'm inactive for an hour it beeps and gives me a red bar, and adds a red bar for each 15 minutes after that up to 2 hours.  It's good motivation to go for a little walk when I get full bars.

The best thing is that it is waterproof and doesn't need to be charged.  I've had it for almost 2 years and have never needed a new battery and I never take it off.  I wear it in the shower, when I swim, it can go wherever.  It doesn't have hardly any features, but all I really need is the time and my steps.

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