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Tom Crean Staying Busy

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I think in looking at Crean you have to give him for trying to bring the program back to normal after what he had inherited from the Sampson debacle yes things were crazy and he only had walk ons when he started but started to make some headway after the time period of not being able to recruit. 

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On 9/18/2017 at 7:02 AM, 5fouls said:

It will be very interesting to see if Crean changes his approach at his next gig, specifically in regards to defense. 

I believe that you don't teach an old dog new tricks. Crean's shortcomings will follow him where ever he goes in the coaching world. An outstanding human being but in my opinion he was an average coach. I wish him nothing but the best but I am glad he is no longer leading the program. 

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It won't happen, but I wouldn't mind to bring him in as a guest for Midnight Madness just to thank him. For getting the program on the right track and handing over Archie a relatively stable basketball program.

While I agreed that Crean needed to go, he has been nothing but classy since his exit....I think we throw some class back his way. 

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