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Notification Causing Other Audio to Stop on Mobile - tip to fix


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Just wanted to share a tip for other users. I noticed when listening to sports radio on my phone and looking at the forum. When a notification would pop up on the site about new posts my radio stream would stop. Figured out it is because of a notification sound on the forum. 


Luckily it’s an easy fix. Just got to Account Settings > Notification Setting and look under Notification Preferences you can turn off the sound and fix that. Worked for my iPhone at least.


Thanks again to the mods mods for the great new site. I joined originally at the end of HSN 1.0 and I think this version is the best version of the site by far. I’m usually just a lurker but really love this community and appreciate everything the mods have done to keep this going. 

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First I am so glad we got away from the old site. There seemed to be trolls starting to come on board and kind of ruining things. This doesn't have to deal with video but I am using an android cell phone to access HSN 03. There are three buttons at the top right of the screen I believe unread posts your profile and something else that aren't showing up and it is a little bit annoying. Just thought I would bring that to your guy's attention. I love the new site sans the three buttons issue and am so glad you guys are keeping it going. Thank you! Now to address my only other complaint...

I wish and hope Alabama Football North Carolina Athletic Department Duke Basketball and Kentucky Basketball get caught up in the scandal and get the book thrown at them. I know that is beyond the mods powers but it would be so cool if it wasn't! Thanks again though for being an awesome mods!

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